Patient’s Safety Essay Paper

Patient’s Safety Essay Paper Patient’s Safety Essay Paper Clinical 1. Johanna, CST, is scheduled to be the first scrub on a procedure at 8:00 AM in which a laser will be used to obliterate abnormal tissue in the larynx. She is preparing for the case. What specific safety issues should she consider in preparing for this case?Patient’s Safety Essay Paper What procedures should be in place to ensure the patient’s safety? Are there any anesthetic concerns? 2. What are some common concerns as it pertains to electrosurgical and laser plume in the OR? What can one do to protect him/herself from it? Does this make you apprehensive about working in the operating room environment? Permalink: patients-safety-essay-paper / Patient safety is such an important part of our health care system and it helps define quality health care.Patient’s Safety Essay Paper Keeping our patients safe is a challenging issue because errors and mistakes can and do happen. Error occurs “when a planned sequence of mental and physical activities fail to achieve the intended outcome and when this failure cannot be attributed to some chance intervention or occurrence” (Ballard, 2003). According to the Institute of Medicine, medical error resulted in as many as 98,000 preventable deaths per year; twice the rate of traffic fatalities and the estimated cost in the US could be almost 29 billion dollars (Wells, 2001). Someone has to ensure operational systems and methods are taken to help reduce the likelihood that errors occur, but who is responsible for taking these proper measurers? Is it society, patients themselves, physicians, nurses, nursing professors, administrators, researchers, physicians, or professional associations? In the long run, all of these entities are responsible for making sure the patient has the safest possible outcome. This is a nationwide and worldwide issue that will never be completely resolved because error is always prone to happen. As nurses we need to make sure we are taking all appropriate actions to limit the amount of mistakes that will put our patients at risk.Patient’s Safety Essay Paper Keeping patients safe is essential in today’s health care system, but patient safety events that violate that safety are increasing each year. It was only recently, that the focus on patient safety was reinforced by a report prepared by Institute of medicine (IOM) entitled ” To err is human, building a safer health system”(Wakefield & Iliffe,2002).This report found that approx-imately 44,000 to 98,000 deaths occur each year due to medical errors and that the majority was preventable. Deaths due to medical errors exceed deaths due to many other causes such as like HIV infections, breast cancer and even traffic accidents (Wakefield & Iliffe, 2002). After this IOM reports, President Clinton established quality interagency coordination task force with the help of government agencies. These government agencies are responsible for making health pol-icies regarding patient safety to which every HCO must follow (Schulman & Kim, 2000).Patient’s Safety Essay Paper Patient safety must be the first priority in the health care system, and it is widely accepta-ble that unnecessary harm to a patient must be controlled.Two million babies and mother die due to preventable medical errors annually worldwide due to pregnancy related complications and there is worldwide increase in nosocomial infections, which is almost equal to 5-10% of total admissions occurring in the hospitals. (WHO Patient Safety Research, 2009). Total 1.4 million patients are victims of hospital-acquired infection. (WHO Patient Safety Research, 2009). Unsafe infection practice leads to 1.3 million death word wide and loss of 26 millions of life while ad-verse drug events are increasing in health care and 10% of total admitted patients are facing ad-verse drug events.Patient’s Safety Essay Paper Get a 10 % discount on an order above $ 100 Use the following coupon code : NURSING10

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