Personal Characteristics

Personal Characteristics
July 1, 2022 by zuixy
Complete this exercise to improve your self-awareness of your relative strengths and needs in terms of key leadership skills. As a first step, go to (Links to an external site.); then, complete the following steps in the order shown.
At the website, go to the section titled “How Good Are Your Leadership Skills?” Read the instructions and complete the 18-item self-assessment.
Score the assessment by clicking on “Calculate My Total.”
Read the section titled “Score Interpretation.”
Watch the short video titled “5 Traits of Successful Leaders;” the link is near the top of the webpage.
Read all of the remaining material at the website in the section titled “Personal Characteristics.”
Referring to the readings for this assignment as well as your self-assessment results, please discuss your own strengths and weaknesses, as well as their implications for your leadership development.
Your essay should be complete, reasonably free from errors, clearly organized, and well thought out.
NOTE: After you submit your paper in this assignment it will be automatically submitted to TurnItIn will check for potential plagiarism by establishing the originality of your work. It sometimes takes several minutes for the program to analyze your paper. Eventually you will have access to your “Report.” The Report will include a percentage score. The following is the explanation that provides:
A breakdown of the indexes with the color codes are listed below:
0% — Blue icon
1-24% — Green icon
25-49% — Yellow icon
50-74% — Orange icon
75-100% — Red icon
Turnitin does not tell Instructors whether a paper has or has not been plagiarized. Similarity Reports are simply tools to help instructors locate potential sources of plagiarism, or text which may have been incorrectly cited.
It is important that you carefully proofread and check your work to avoid matches that would suggest potential academic integrity violations.
Discuss and analyze the historical evolution of the Constitution in terms of equal rights
Leadership Identity

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