Personality Tests Example Essay

Personality Tests Example Essay Personality Tests Example Essay Personality provides great insight into people and their lives. Personality traits affect every person in the world. Every human has a personality, which provides a great research topic to help psychologists better understand the human mind, actions, and choices we as humans make. We make such choices as what to wear, to eat, to do on the weekends, what type of music to listen to, and what to watch on television. There are many different personality models such as the Big Five to identify a person’s personality type. The Big Five includes openness, conscientiousness, extra version, agreeableness, and neuroticism (Pervin, 1999).Personality Tests Example Essay The model of personality that we used in our research is modified based on the Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, …show more content… In contrast, an outgoing personality will have such characteristics as: controlling, decisive, direct, impatient, strong-willed, takes action, and creative (“Disc,” 2011). These personality types encompass the basic characteristics of a person. There are several kinds of reaction time tests that can be used to get an accurately measure a person’s reaction time.Personality Tests Example Essay There is a simple reaction time experiment which consists of only one stimulus and one response (Kosinski, 2010). There is also a recognition reaction time experiment and has more than one stimulus that needs to be responded to and it also contains a detractor set (Kosinski, 2010). Another type of reaction time experiment is the choice test. In this type of test the user must give a response that corresponds to the stimulus (Kosinski, 2010). In the field of psychology, personality refers to the unique characteristics and behavior patterns that distinguish one individual from another. Personality can be a complex spectrum to evaluate. Personality of is not always stable and may change over time for different reasons such as shocking events, education, and environment to name a few. The study and assessment of personality has been used to describe and discover from severe mental disorders to assist self-awareness. Personality inventories are a method to assess personality traits. These evaluation methods arose from the need to understand and treat the effects of war on soldiers’ personality. Personality inventories have evolved over time and today are used in several fields: education, research, clinical, counseling, and industrial / organizational. This paper aims to explore and offer details of one of these personality inventories: The Sixteen Personality Factors Questionnaire (16PF).Personality Tests Example Essay The Sixteen Personality Factor Questionnaire Demands for increased mental deterioration of soldiers during the World War forced somehow the government to asked mental health experts to develop tools to assess the personality of the military to understand what the occurrences and help mitigate such effects. This led to the creation of personality tests. Personality can be defined as the relatively stable and unique behavior patterns that distinguish one individual, and his/her responses to the surrounding environment, and life events. The first personality tests lacked of empirical methodologies to evaluate this complex aspect of human beings.Personality Tests Example Essay Permalink: personality-tests-example-essay / Get a 10 % discount on an order above $ 100 Use the following coupon code : NURSING10

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