PHIL 103 BSU Categorical Proposition Informal Fallacies & Categorical Syllogistic Exam

PHIL 103 BSU Categorical Proposition Informal Fallacies & Categorical Syllogistic Exam PHIL 103 BSU Categorical Proposition Informal Fallacies & Categorical Syllogistic Exam ORDER NOW FOR CUSTOMIZED AND ORIGINAL NURSING PAPERS Home > Humanities > PHIL 103 BSU Categorical Proposition Informal Fallacies & Categorical Syllogistic Exam Question Description I’m trying to study for my Philosophy course and I need some help to understand this question. kindly open the attached document and answer the question . Topics are: Categorical Proposition informal fallacies categorical syllogistic Unformatted Attachment Preview Bowie State University College of Arts & Sciences Department of History & Government Phil 103: Principles of Reasoning (or Logic) SECOND EXAMINATION (35%) Fall 2020 (December 3-5, 2020) INSTRUCTIONS: Please access and take the time to complete this 2nd Exam. Upon completion, upload to submit it via this designated space on Friday, Dec. 5, 2020 before @ 12:00 p.m. Name: _________________________________ 1) Chapter 4: Categorical Propositions. For each of these two Categorical Propositions, please do the following (for 10% and each is 5%): a) Clearly Identify the Subject Term and Predicate Term b) Name the Letter or Proposition (whether A, E, I, O) c) State Quantity (Universal or Particular) and Quality (Affirmative or Negative) d) Determine if the Subject and Predicate Terms are Distributed or Undistributed A) Some affirmative action plans are not social and economic programs that result in some kind of reverse discrimination to jeopardize the interest of any group. i) Subject Term: ______________________________________________________ ii) Predicate Term: ____________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ iii) Letter or Proposition: _______ iv) Quantity: _______________________ Quality: ____________________ v) Distribution: __Subject Term_________ and ____Predicate Term_________ ( ) Yes or ( ) No ( ) Yes or ( ) No B) All governments that negotiate or bargain with the terrorists are dangerous governments that compromise the security and well-being of their citizens by encouraging terrorism (political violence). vi) Subject Term: ______________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ vii) Predicate Term: ____________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ viii) Letter or Proposition: _______ ix) Quantity: _______________________ Quality: __________________________ x) Distribution: __Subject Term_________ and ____Predicate Term____________ ( ) Yes or ( ) No ( ) Yes or ( ) No 2) Chapter 3: Informal Fallacies-are bad, defective and mistakes in reasoning. A) Clearly Identify the Specific Informal Fallacy or Fallacies Committed in each of the following Argumentative Passages (10%): i) Everyone nowadays is on a low-crab diet. Well, since that is what everyone is doing, if follows that you too should also go on a low-crab diet. _Appeal to the people. ii) Billionaire investor, Mr. Warren Buffet has argued that wealthy people should be required to pay more taxes than the ordinary citizens in this country. However, I would like to remind Mr. Buffet that he is free to send “a fat check” of his money to the Department of the Treasury, because (last time that I checked) there is no sane person who talks like that. ______________________________________ iii) Mr. Goldberg recently argued against prayer in the public schools. Obviously, Mr. Goldberg is an atheism and advocates for it. Nevertheless, atheism is what they used to have in Russia. Atheism leads to the suppression of all religious religions and the replacement of God by an omnipotent state that oppresses her own people. PHIL 103 BSU Categorical Proposition Informal Fallacies & Categorical Syllogistic Exam So, is it what we want for this free and democratic country? Therefore, it is clear to all of us that his argument is a complete nonsense. _______________________ iv) I am not really prepared for this right now! What happened, a friend curiously asked. I just took the pregnancy test, and it was positive. This is why I am disappointed in my boyfriend. What happened, and why are you disappointed in him? You know that he tricked me, and that was why I became pregnant for our second child! ______________________ and ___________________________ v) Dr. Bradshaw, who was our beloved family primary care physician, has insisted that the creation of muonic atoms of deuterium and tritium holds the key to producing a sustained fusion reaction at a room temperature. In light of his rich medical training and background, we must have to come to the same conclusion and agree that he was probably correct. ____________________________ 2 vi) Successful businessmen and women, in today’s modern corporations, are paid in excess of about $100,000 per month. Therefore, the best way to ensure that Ms. Ferguson gets ahead and will become successful is to begin by dressing sharp and more professionally like those successful business executives. ______________ vii) Either we require some kind of forced sterilization of people in the Third World countries or the world population will explore and all of us will then die. We certainly do not want all of us to die, so we must require forced sterilization of people in the Third World countries. ___________________________________ viii) Because each of the players on this basketball team is an excellent athlete, so the whole basketball team is such an excellent team. ___________________ ix) This particular airplane was made in Seattle, Washington. Hence, all the parts of this very airplane were manufactured in Seattle, Washington. _______________ x) Mr. Pearson Bowie, as a powerful politician in this area, has continued to push for and argue that the theory of evolution should be discounted or completely rejected in favor of creationism. However, it is interesting to learn that Mr. Pearson Bowie is a cocaine-snorting pervert and who, according to reports, is one of the most dangerous members of the communist party leadership. ____________________ 3) Chapter 5-Categorical Syllogism has two Premisses and a Conclusion (10%) (i) First, Clearly Identify the Syllogistic Rule(s) broken, and (ii) Second, Name the Specific Formal Fallacy/Fallacies committed in each: a) AAO-2: __________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ b) AEI-3: ___________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ c) EEO-1: ___________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ d) AEI-2: ___________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ e) AEO-1: __________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ 3 f) AAI-4: ___________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ g) EII-1: ___________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ h) OOI-2: ___________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ i) AAE-4: __________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ j) EOO-3: __________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ 4) ANSWER THESE FILL-INS AND YES OR NO QUESTIONS (5%) a) What is the title or name of the required textbook for this course? ____________ _________________________________________________________________ b) Philosophy is the love for wisdom, the pursuit of truth, search for meaning and the quest for the good life. ( ) True ( ) False c) An _________________, as a subfield of philosophy, is the study and analysis of (structured) argument. There are two types of logic: deductive and inductive. d) A structured argument has two parts: ________________ and _______________ e) A fallacy is bad argument or a mistake in reasoning. A fallacy can happen when the premiss does or premisses do not support the conclusion. There are two types of fallacies: _____________________ and _________________________ 4 5) OPTIONAL QUESTIONS FOR EXTRA-CREDITS (2%): What have you learned from this course, so far (2%)? ___________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ Have Fun, Good Luck! 5 … Purchase answer to see full attachment Get a 10 % discount on an order above $ 100 Use the following coupon code : NURSING10

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