PHIL 1301 Brookhaven College Faith as a Virtue in a Religious Perspective Discussion

PHIL 1301 Brookhaven College Faith as a Virtue in a Religious Perspective Discussion PHIL 1301 Brookhaven College Faith as a Virtue in a Religious Perspective Discussion ORDER NOW FOR CUSTOMIZED AND ORIGINAL NURSING PAPERS I need an explanation for this Philosophy question to help me study. Discussion ( 300-400 words): Is faith a virtue? Why or why not? (complete after reading 6.3) Reply (150-200 words): Tyler Hutcherson Discussion #7 COLLAPSE There are a lot of really great quotes from the reading for this discussion. A lot of them which I find clarity with. As you may have gathered thus far from my prior discussions, I am not a man of religion or a higher power. To clarify in depth more, it is not entirely that I do not believe in God’s existence, but also that I would not agree with his, her, or its reasoning. Faith is not a virtue; I find no high standing morals in an all-powerful being that stands idly by while bad things happen. One specific part of the reading I not only did not like, but hated, was the quote from Jean-Paul Richter “Without a god there is for a man neither purpose, nor goal, nor hope, only a wavering future, and an eternal dread of every darkness.”. This quote almost seems like a desperate attempt to push people into religion with fear. If anything, faith is a top contender for opposing virtue. I did find the thought experiment humorous, God’s Plan where we all become people burgers for another species in the universe. This does appear to be unlikely given the number of wasted meals in all of the time we have existed. I think something important to consider is Adam and Eve. Most of us have heard the story of how free will started by eating the forbidden fruit and the temptation of the devil but is that not an example of disproving faith as a virtue? If Lucifer himself challenged the all-mighty how can faith be a virtue if an angel went against God’s will? Maybe one could argue that Lucifer did not have faith, but that would be beyond my knowledge at that point. In conclusion, there exists more evidence that supports that faith is not a virtue.PHIL 1301 Brookhaven College Faith as a Virtue in a Religious Perspective Discussion Clara Hutcherson Faith and Virtue COLLAPSE Faith is not a virtue because we see things all the time that happens in a religion that lacks morals. I believe virtue can be in anyone regardless if they have faith in a religion or a god. There are people in religion that are bad and good just as there are bad people outside of religions that are bad and good. To define a person to have high moral standards based on their belief in God would be without basis. I understand the theory that God is not a being that was in the reading at the end of chapter 6.3, but to be completely honest I brushed that off because it seemed so ridiculous. How could anything but a being, create the universe? Secondly what if God died, is laughable to me and reminds me of the show supernatural where death states even God’s time will come. I respect other opinions, but these two statements go against everything that most of the world believes in. Different gods’ different beliefs including atheism, but we all have the ability to virtue. This chapter talks a lot about the types of evil and what other philosophers believe or do not believe and that does not put clarity to the question of this discussion. Virtue is of high moral standing per the definition, faith is the belief in a higher power, I find no relation between the two and felt like the reading was not exactly on point especially about virtue. Faith has always existed per the history books and bible, so has virtue, and sometimes those two come together. Any more breakdown of that starts to sound like someone convincing themselves of being right about whichever direction they lean most. I think a better discussion would be does virtue exists more in faith than it does outside of it. Get a 10 % discount on an order above $ 100 Use the following coupon code : NURSING10

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