PHIL 211 Princess Nourah University History of Ancient Greek Philosophy Essay Assignment

PHIL 211 Princess Nourah University History of Ancient Greek Philosophy Essay PHIL 211 Princess Nourah University History of Ancient Greek Philosophy Essay ORDER NOW FOR CUSTOMIZED AND ORIGINAL NURSING PAPERS Bowie State University Naked Reverse Chapter 6 to 8 Summary Task 1#To do a critical plot summary first determine from the syllabus the number of chapters you have assigned for each class. Then summarize what has happened in the plot for each chapter separately—for example for chapter one say what happened in chapter one. If you have an assignment of 6-8 chapters (for example):Chapter six Give a summary of the plot ( 100-150 words)Chapter seven Give a summary of the plot ( 100-150 words)Chapter eightGive a summary of the plot ( 100-150 words)Chapter nine Give a summary of the plot ( 100 -150words)Anomaly: pick out something unconventional and surprising that happened during all the chapters read—One Anomaly.Link anomaly to a philosophical principle from the first part of the course. 100 words TASK 2 # pick and only ANSWER 3 (three) QUESTIONS / 150 words for each1. CHAPTER SIX. Pp. 74-78 The next morning. We find out that Anthea is an exercise enthusiast. Andrew isn’t. They talk about sex, and Andrew transitions into Greek mythology and the story of Tiresias. This is a story about which Anthea is ignorant. [How does Andrew treat Anthea’s ignorance of the Tiresias story? Why does he “name drop” Plato’s dialogue, “The Euthyphro”? Is Andrew trying to show to Anthea his intellectual superiority? To what end? Do you think he “just can’t help himself?” What does this tell the reader about Andrew? Is he arrogant or simply without empathy? What does the class think? ]2. CHAPTER SEVEN, pp. 96-99 Flashback. Andrew and Barbara are having sex more often. Andrew feels guilty and that he will have to marry Barbara even though he really is unsure about this. [Evaluate the sexual ethos of the 1960s in the United States. It was based upon a “double standard:” men could have sex outside of a marriage situation and not be “tarnished,” but a woman ] He leaves for Cambridge for his graduate degree while Barbara finishes her B.A. She doesn’t like this arrangement and would prefer Andrew give up his plans for her. PHIL 211 Princess Nourah University History of Ancient Greek Philosophy Essay Assignemnt [Evaluate whether Andrew should wait for Barbara to graduate first, marry her, and then go study at Cambridge? This is what Barbara wants. She has a year to go and the minimum time Andrew says he wants to get into his program and then he’d come back, marry her, and they would live in Cambridge until he finished. This is the best program in the world (in Andrew’s opinion) for what he really wants to do: the history and philosophy of biology. Who is being unreasonably selfish? Andrew or Barbara?]3. pp. 97- 98. Andrew and Barbara enter into a conversation about Andrew’s inheritance. Andrew’s father had set up the nest egg (around $140,000) in an annuity relationship that would earn a guaranteed 5% per year for the entirety of Andrew’s life= $7,000. [Ask the class to go onto the Internet and figure out how much $7,000 in 1968 would be in today’s money. According to the calculations I just put in it would be $51, 877 in 2019. How many in the class could live on that amount?] 4. Barbara thinks it’s paltry. She thinks 5% is too low. Andrew is just fine with the amount. “She wanted more. I [Andrew] thought that you should adjust your desires to meet your income. She thought that desires were a given and that more income was necessary to satisfy a certain perceived standard of living for someone of our class. I [Andrew] didn’t know what class that was. She was middle class and I was classless since I was a loner.” [Under civic (conventional) law, most states in the United States treat monies made by one party of the marriage as communal property with a 50%-50% share unless altered by a pre-nuptial arrangement. Some would view parental legacies that are executed before the marriage begins to be of the property of the heir under a “natural law” interpretation. What does the class think here?] 5. CHAPTER EIGHT. Pp. 117-120. The debate on illegal recreational drugs continues. Anthea suggests that Andrew’s theory will allow bad laws to flourish as everyone becomes a slave to a despotic system. This comeback surprised Andrew. Anthea had taken his argument seriously and had thought about it. Andrew replies that with a bad law there are three options: a. change the law through Congress; b. openly disobey the law and accept the punishment that goes with this. The publicity generated by openly disobeying the law will get a discussion going among the people and may lead to (a); c. the final option is to leave the country, renounce citizenship and join another country. [Evaluate the argument once again along with the personal dynamics] 6. Andrew admits that he feels not as this woman’s lover but as her tutor, p. 118 [What does this response tell us about Andrew? Is this another form of his arrogance? Does he only want Anthea for physical loving and not for a “give and take” of hearts and minds? What does friendship require? Anthea is trying to meet him in his arena, why isn’t he more grateful?]files of the reading by Naked Reverse by Michael Boylan Get a 10 % discount on an order above $ 100 Use the following coupon code : NURSING10

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