Philosophy UC Irvine Does it Matter Whether Life is Meaningful Discussion Essay

Philosophy UC Irvine Does it Matter Whether Life is Meaningful Discussion Philosophy UC Irvine Does it Matter Whether Life is Meaningful Discussion Essay ORDER NOW FOR CUSTOMIZED AND ORIGINAL NURSING PAPERS De Anza College Plato Theory of Form Review Discussion Initial Post Due Tuesday June 23Pick ONE question from the list below. Copy and paste the question into your reply. Then answer it in no less than 250 words. You cannot pick a question that has already been answered. So it is best to get your post in early, so you don’t run out. If all of them are answered and you want to participate message me and I will give you an equivalent task.Reply posts Due June 24 midnight:Make three replies to separate classmates adding to or correcting their responses.The discussion will be closed before the exam, howeverThe final exam on Thursday will be open ALL DAY.You will have ONE hour to complete the final. Click on it only when you are ready. If you start after 11 PM, your time will run out.The final exam is comprehensive and includes combination of objective , true/false, multiple choice and fill in the blank type questions. It also includes one essay question.The essay portion will comprise 20% of the total points on the final. (10 points out of 50). A minimum 250 words is required for full points. Your essay answer should be as complete as possible.Please write final exam essay in your own words, legibly using complete sentences in standard English. Any direct quote or close paraphrase without proper citation or any use of anybody else’s words in any answer (including “define” questions) without giving proper credit is plagiarism. So be sure to avoid that. If you plagiarize you could receive a 0 on the final exam. You should generally avoid direct quotations – your responses should consist of 95% of your own words, not quotations.The essay question on your exam will be chosen from the list below.You should try to make outlines for each of these before the final, so you have a structure and list of main points you should cover when you get your essay question. This Discussion should help you do that.POSSIBLE ESSAY QUESTIONS AND STUDY QUESTIONS:1. Explain how Kant’s view about knowledge combines elements of both rationalism and empiricism.2. John believes he might be deceived by some evil, malevolent being. Which philosopher would assure John that he can still know lots of things and that he ultimately is not being deceived, and what arguments does he give to try top prove it?3. Simon is considering whether to illegally stream the latest Star Wars movie which will make him and his five friends very happy.Philosophy UC Irvine Does it Matter Whether Life is Meaningful Discussion Essay He knows nobody will find out and that he can easily get away with it. He won’t really be harming anyone else since his illegal download is a drop in the bucket. So he goes ahead and does it. Apply Immanuel Kant’s Categorical Imperative to Simon’s choice. Would it be right or wrong? Why? What would an Act Utilitarian say about his choice and what would be the reasoning? What would a rule utilitarian think, and why?4. Explain Gilbert Ryle’s notion of a Category Mistake and how language dupes us into thinking the mind is some mysterious immaterial thing.5. David Hume thinks metaphysical notions like substance, causality, God and the Self are nonsense. Why does he think this?6. Explain Plato’s Theory of Forms and the problems it was supposed to solve.7. Explain Sigmund Freud’s view of religion.8. Explain the Ontological Argument and why it is an a priori argument. Then explain Immanuel Kant’s criticism of the argument.9. John says, ” It’s terrible the way some Mid-Eastern countries treat women – not allowing them to go to school, for example.” Mary says: “All cultures are different, and have different views of right and wrong, and you are being to judgmental. There are no objective standards of right and wrong, and if that’s what’s right for them, that’s their decision.” What ethical view is Mary expressing? Give three criticisms of Mary’s view.10. According to the logical positivists and Hume why is the notion of causality a bogus idea which has no epistemological justification?11. Movie’s like “The Change Up” have the story line where two bodies swap minds, and lots of hilarious situations arise. What philosophical view about the mind is this assuming? What are three criticisms of this assumption?12. Why are both Plato and Descartes considered to be rationalists in epistemology?13. Why is David Hume considered to be the most radical of all the Empiricists?14. Defend the following thesis: The Mind-Brain Identity Theory is wrong because it cannot be proven that a particular mental state is the same thing as a brain state.15. Explain why John Locke thinks colors, tastes, sounds etc. do not actually exist outside of our minds in the external world.16. What is the teleological argument for God, and what are three criticisms of it?17. Explain why people should never break a promise, according to Kant by applying the Categorical Imperative – Universalize the act of promise-breaking. Then explain problems or weaknesses of Kant’s view.18. Why is nature not deterministic for Heisenberg? (Explain his indeterminacy principle). Then argue with an example, why an undetermined action (random) is no more free than a determined one.19. What is the difference between Act and Rule Utilitarianism? (Explain with an example). Why does RU improve on AU? And what are the problems with RU, if any?20. What is the view of evidentialism and supporting arguments for it? How is this view attacked by non-evidentialists? Get a 10 % discount on an order above $ 100 Use the following coupon code : NURSING10

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