Phoenix NSG 498 University Week 1 Fall Prevention Measures Presentation

Phoenix NSG 498 University Week 1 Fall Prevention Measures Presentation ORDER NOW FOR CUSTOMIZED AND ORIGINAL ESSAY PAPERS ON Phoenix NSG 498 University Week 1 Fall Prevention Measures Presentation I need help editing, further clarifying, and reformatting this previously completed assignment. These are the original instructions along with the assignment. Phoenix NSG 498 University Week 1 Fall Prevention Measures Presentation For this assignment, you will identify the focus of your project, which is “Improving Fall Prevention Strategies in an Acute-Care Setting.”, and anticipate the ethical, legal, and regulatory concerns that may arise when addressing this issue. Define the problem. Identify the problem to be addressed and the setting in which it occurs. Outline your proposal to address the problem. Identify and discuss ethical, legal, and regulatory concerns relating to the problem. Explain why you chose the problem. Format your assignment as a APA formatted 10-slide presentation with bulleted introduction of information on each slide and explanation of slide (as if your presenting the assignment verbally) in the speaker notes. each slide should contain speaker notes of at least 50 words or more. Please be detailed in this assignment and explanation of information as it provides the basis of your research assignment. Please include an APA formatted title page and reference page. nsg_498_week1_assignment.pptx Senior Leadership Practicum Name of Student Name of Instructor Name of Course Name of Institution Date The problem ? Falls among acute-care patients has become one of the serious issues to address. ? A patient fall involves the unplanned descent to the floor of patients with or without injuries. ? A patient fall can lead to fractures or internal bleeding to the patient. The problem to be addressed and the setting in which it occurs ? The problem addressed involves the fall among older adult patients receiving secondary healthcare where there is an active and short-term treatment. ? Falls among the old adult patients occur after they become ill or undergo surgeries. ? The setting involves short-term healthcare facilities dealing with patients’ acute care. The proposal to address the problem ? Patient fall has been a concern for medical practitioners in various acute care settings. ? Nurses are essential in assessing patient falls and developing plans which reduce patient falls. ? Health care professionals can reduce the rate and incidence of patients fall among elderly patients. Using red socks to identify patients at high risk for falls ? Identification of patient at high fall risk simplifies prevention of patient fall in acute care units. ? Identification allows nurses to put armbands on the patients with high risk for falls. ? Nurses can initiate the process of reducing the problem of patient falls in hospitals. Conducting regular safety rounds ? Safety check-ups are one of the most effective plans to prevent patient falls in hospitals. ? Care providers can conduct additional safety rounds on patients with high risk for falls. ? The safety rounds allow care providers to ensure that fall precautionary measures are in place. Fall risk assessment ? Assessing the patient at a high risk of falling allows providers to develop a culture of accountability. ? Fall risk assessment allows nurses to develop precautionary measures to prevent patients from falling. ? Care providers have a significant role in evaluating the rate of patient fall risk.Phoenix NSG 498 University Week 1 Fall Prevention Measures Presentation Ethical, legal, and regulatory concerns relating to the problem Ethical concerns ? Nurses experience ethical issues while trying to prevent falls among patients in acute-care settings. ? The nurses are expected to act morally by providing the necessary care service per human rights. ? Team communication an aspect that can contribute to ethical issues during fall prevention. Legal concern ? A nurse’s role is to offer medical assistance to the patient and take legal action against the nurse when unsatisfied. ? There are legal requirements that nurses should adhere to when dealing with patients. ? The rate of patients falls shows nurses’ quality of care within a healthcare facility. Regulatory concern ? There are measures put in place to prevent falls among older adult patients within the acute care setting. ? Healthcare facilities come up with policies that ensure nurses prevent older patients from falling. ? Programs exist in some hospitals which help nurses to prevent falls among patients. Why I chose the problem ? Falls are common phenomena among older patients, especially in acute care units. ? Patient falls cause significant fatal and non-fatal injuries among older patients. ? Older patients occasionally fall because of balance issues. ? Falls among elderly clients can result in fear and hence reduced patient activity. References ? Balzer, K., Bremer, M., Schramm, S., Lühmann, D., & Raspe, H. (2012). ? ? ? ? ? Falls prevention for the elderly. GMS health technology assessment, 8. Boye-Doe, S. B. (2017). Improving fall prevention strategies in an acutecare setting. Cunha, L. F. C. D., Baixinho, C. L., & Henriques, M. A. (2019). Preventing falls in hospitalized elderly: design and validation of a team intervention. Revista da Escola de Enfermagem da USP, 53. Hiyama, A. (2017). Relationship between Ethical Issues in Fall Prevention Care and Nurses’ Characteristics. International Journal of Nursing, 4(2), 22-28. Vieira, E. R., Palmer, R. C., & Chaves, P. H. (2016). Prevention of falls in older people living in the community. Bmj, 353, i1419. Wen, G. J., Singh, D. K. A., & Shahar, S. (2020). Effectiveness of Falls Prevention Education on its Prevention Behavior among Older Adults: A Systematic Review. 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