Please respond to the following UOS8100PHDBI SECTION 1 Discussion Week 1 Academic Skills

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UOS8100PHDBI SECTION 1 Discussion Week 1 Academic Skills

Unit 1: Academic Skills

  • Unit 1 Learning at the Doctoral Level


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    Learning at the Doctoral Level

    TranscriptYou are bringing a wealth of education and experience that you will draw from as a doctoral learner. Becoming a scholar-practitioner will involve applying knowledge and improving academic skills that you already have, as well as developing new skills. As you progress through your courses, you will use these skills when you are gaining new knowledge and researching in the library, reading scholarly articles, and writing discussion posts and assignments. This unit is designed to help you assess the skills you have, identify gaps, and offer resources on the Campus website to help you. You will also have an opportunity to practice some of the common skills you will need for your program, such as identifying scholarly articles and using the APA style manual and format in your writing. Along the way, you will practice using the courseroom and navigating the Capella Campus website.Click Learning at the Doctoral Level to watch the video introduction for this unit.Exploring all information and resources provided in this unit could take up to 3 or 4 hours. How long you actually spend depends on you. Based on your previous educational experiences, you may spend slightly more or less time.After reading through this introduction, work through the unit studies, discussion, assignment, and quiz.


    To successfully complete this learning unit, you will be expected to:

    1. Verify that your system and software meet minimum requirements.
    2. Participate in a discussion and an assignment in the courseroom.
    3. Explain how resources and strategies can be used to help improve academic skills.
    4. Identify differences between scholarly and non-scholarly articles.
    5. Practice using doctoral academic skills.

    Strengthening Academic Skills

    As you begin your doctoral program at Capella, you may be new to online learning, returning to school after a long break, or transitioning directly from a master’s program. No matter where your starting point is, you are coming to Capella with skills and experience that will be an asset to you in your program. However, it is important to keep in mind that improving and growing is a part of every doctoral program. In this discussion, you will reflect on the skills you will need as a doctoral learner and the strategies and resources you will use to support you.For this discussion, complete the following:

    • Watch the Doctoral Learning video, linked in the Resources, to learn more about academic skills and doctoral learning.
    • Reflect on the following questions and then write and post two to three paragraphs, addressing all of the questions.
      • How do you think your doctoral program will be different than other academic programs you have completed?
      • What skills will you need to develop as a doctoral learner?
      • Which resources or strategies could you use to support you? How will you use them?
      • How might your mindset help you overcome challenges?

    To create a discussion post, click u01d1 Unit 1, Discussion 1, and click Create Thread. Write a response to the questions as your initial post. Refer to How to Join a Discussion in the Resources for step-by-step instructions.

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