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The role of a financial accounting manager is to oversee the operations of the department to facilitate the analysis and monitoring of data. A management information system (MIS) plays an important part in guiding the decisions of the financial accounting department. The learning objectives and concepts presented in the course relay that MIS can significantly impact a firm’s performance, functions, and productivity. Therefore, using MIS to lead a team in the financial accounting department will ensure that appropriate information is collected from various sources and distributed to the right individuals. Hence, as a manager, I would utilize the system to help my team access required data in time to meet its objectives.

Additionally, as a financial accounting manager, I can use MIS to keep track of and monitor operations within the department to ensure that the employees are functioning to their full potential. I can also use the MIS to study consumer behavior and give members of the department important data and probable trends (Sakthivel, 2014). Therefore, the team can be able to forecast long-term perspectives and contribute to the decision making process. Creating a disciplined data reporting system establishes knowledge and database for all employees working within the financial department. Access to such information allows easy blending and analysis which will save time and resources.

As a manager, I would utilize the MIS to ensure that all employees are performing to expectations. I would use the system to make decisions based on the data available. Moreover, I would avail this data to members of my department to enable them contribute to decision making processes to help us meet the targets of the business.


Sakthivel, R. (2014). Rile, impact, and importance of MIS. Linked In. Retrieved from

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