Policy & Advocacy for Population Health

Policy & Advocacy for Population Health Policy & Advocacy for Population Health In Nursing, there will always be instances where the patient’s nurse needs to advocate for their patient. There are numerous reasons why a nurse would advocate for their patient ranging from getting the doctor to change the patient’s orders, helping the patient’s treatment team understand what it is the patient is requiring for the day, to expressing the patient’s last wishes before death.Policy & Advocacy for Population Health In every situation, the nurse should do what is in the patient’s best interest. Tomajan (2012), “Advocacy skills are the ability to successfully support a cause or interest on one’s own behalf or that of another. Advocacy requires a set of skills that include problem solving, communication, influence, and collaboration”(p. 2). With those skills, the …show more content… Another example is when a doctor just transcribed a lot of new orders and the patient doesn’t know what some of the tests are and the nurse doesn’t know why the doctor ordered them. The nurse then needs to hunt down the doctor and advocate for their patient. Once the nurse speaks to the doctor and they ask them to come and explain the tests and reasoning to the patient that is the first step of advocating for their patient. When the doctor goes to talk to the patient, the patient asks many questions and agrees to have the tests done. This was a problem but once the problem was identified, the patient understood what was going on and felt like they had a say in it. The second core attribute is acting on behalf of the patient that includes representing patients’ values, benefits, and rights. (Bu & Jezewski, 2006) Since it is the patients right to know why certain things are being done, it was appropriate for the nurse to ask the doctor to go speak to the patient. The last core attribute championing social justice in the provisional of health care is ethics of justice where in this case it doesn’t apply. Basically what it is though is nurses becoming social activists and standing up for what is right. Since the healthcare team and the patient worked together, the problem was solved almost instantly and the patient was happy with the outcome.Policy & Advocacy for Population Health Permalink: https://nursingpaperessays.com/ policy-advocacy-…opulation-health / Bugental and Hehman explain that even though public policies may have good intentions, they unintentionally create a subtle bias about the capabilities of older adults. These biases can be related to possible limitations or could cause them to seem more dependent on others than they really are. One example of a public policy that perpetuates ageism is guardianship policies, particularly when they are not designed well or are poorly monitored. For instance, some states consider “advanced age” as a determining factor of an individual ‘s competence. This could result in the older adult ‘s independence being limited unfairly. Guardianship arrangements that are not properly monitored have resulted in elder abuse and neglect. These type of policies allow an older adult ‘s human rights to be violated and only exist as a result of assumptions about the limitations of older adults. Another example of public policy that perpetrates ageism are policies related to driving. Denying an older adult a driver ‘s license, effectively limits their access to things outside the home. This has an effect on practical aspects of their life as well as psychological. Policies that justify these limitations may be based on statistics showing a higher crash rate or on the fact that older drives show decreased reaction time, peripheral vision, etc.Policy & Advocacy for Population Health Get a 10 % discount on an order above $ 100 Use the following coupon code : NURSING10

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