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Part II Madisonian Democracy and the Civil Rights Movement (60 points – suggested essay length: 5 pages) In what ways do the events and achievements of the Civil Rights Movement and the continuing struggle for civil rights equality since that time demonstrate the strengths and weaknesses of Madisonian Democracy in America? Write an essay in which you analyze the Civil Rights Movement (including the continuing struggle for equality) as a test case for understanding democracy and democratic change in America. In your essay, be sure to … • a) Write an introductory paragraph in which you develop and introduce a thesis argument about the Civil Rights Movement as a test case for understanding democracy and democratic change in America. • b) Define and discuss the concept of Madisonian Democracy, and compare and contrast it to majoritarian/ participatory concepts of democracy. • c) Analyze the way that America’s Madisonian governing institutions and democratic processes shaped the important political events and eventual policy outcomes achieved by the Civil Rights Movement. • d) Provide counter-arguments about the quality of democracy in America as demonstrated by the Civil Rights movement and the continuing struggle to achieve greater equality. Essay-writing tips: • Create a detailed outline of your essay before writing, including thesis arguments for the entire essay. • Be sure that your essay contains a clear introduction and conclusion. Review your essay before submitting it: • Is your thesis statement clearly written and supported by the body of the essay? Do you fully define and explain the major concepts in the essay? Does your writing clearly communicate your intended points?

6 references and MLA format

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