Possible Applications of Qualitative Evaluation Methods to Your RFP’s Program( sexual harassment in academia)

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Discussion (Whole Class): Possible Applications of Qualitative Evaluation Methods to Your RFP’s Program

According to Patton (2003), some grant reviewers note that they like to see a qualitative element even if the overall design of the program evaluation is quantitative; it can “personalize and humanize evaluation.” What other benefits might come from a qualitative design in program evaluation? What challenges might occur?

In this Discussion, you explore the impact that qualitative methods might have on your program evaluation.

To prepare:

  • Review the Patton reading, “Qualitative Evaluation Checklist,” from this week’s Learning Resources.
  • From the articles in the Learning Resources, select and review at least one article from each type of evaluation design (process evaluation, case study, monitoring program activities), for a total of at least three articles.
    • Pay attention to why and how these types of evaluations were conducted. How did they serve the needs and goals of program evaluation?
    • What is different about these three types of evaluations?
    • What are some special challenges for conducting each type?

By Day 3

Post your comprehensive response to each of the following:

  • Briefly restate the purpose of your program evaluation.
  • Select one of the three methods applied in the articles you have reviewed.
  • Using the general situation presented in your RFP (e.g., a school anti-bullying program), describe a situation where the method you selected would be appropriate to the questions and planned uses of the information, as well as other considerations raised by Patton (see Patton’s checklist).
  • Why would this method be appropriate in this situation? List the reasons.
  • Explain the strengths and limitations that might happen in a program evaluation that includes qualitative design elements.
  • What are some of your thoughts for how you would design this kind of evaluation for this kind of situation?
    (If your RFP already involves one of these three types, e.g., a process evaluation, select another type for this application question.)
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