Practical Exercise: Structure Chart

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In this individual practice exercise activity, you will utilize physical process modeling techniques to develop a Structure Chart. A Structure Chart illustrates the organization and interactions of the different pieces of the program code. Structure Charts enable programmers to independently create programming code during an information system development process.

Create a Structure Chart using Microsoft Visio®. Refer to the Structure Chart example in the textbook. Base your Structure Chart on one of the two inventory management system DFD fragments that you created in Module 6.

If you choose to create a new Structure Chart from scratch, ensure that you select Categories (not Featured) from above the templates that are presented and then select General/Basic Diagram. Once you are open in a basic diagram, select Basic Shapes in the Shapes menu and utilize the Rectangle shape for your Structure Chart elements. Select the More Shapes/Visio Extras/Connectors menu and utilize the Flow Director 1 symbol to represent a Control Couple and the Flow Director 2 symbol to represent a Data Couple.

Your Structure Chart must address the following requirements:

  • Create your Structure Chart in a top-down modular approach.
  • Submit the following in your Structure Chart:
    • A minimum of ONE Control Module. Modules are verb-related.
    • A minimum of THREE Subordinate Modules. Modules are verb-related.
    • A minimum of THREE Data Couples. Couples are noun-related.
    • A minimum of ONE Control Couple. Couples are noun-related.
    • To locate premade arrow symbols for your couples, utilize the Dot & arrow connector for Control Couples and Flow Director 2 for Data Couples in the More Shapes / Visio Extras / Connectors menu.
  • Submit your Structure Chart in VSDX file format.
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