Praxis of Suffering Example

Praxis of Suffering Example Praxis of Suffering Example The suffering of man is a very complicated matter that is most likely impossible to understand completely. It is a subject that people have grappled with since the dawn of recorded history. In fact, suffering is evident in every form of art man has created. Suffering is in our paintings, our poetry, our music, our plays, and in anything else that is conceivable. But still, we as a whole still struggle with the idea of suffering. It is my opinion that some individuals may grasp the notion of suffering more than others, but that no one person will ever fully understand suffering in every form. A person may only understand his or her own personal suffering, not suffering as a whole. It is the next step to then say …show more content…Praxis of Suffering Example Permalink: praxis-of-suffering-example / Is it evil? Is it physical? Does it just pertain to one area of life? Suffering is emotional pain that runs deeper than physical pain. Suffering runs deeper and longer if someone suffers emotionally from something, which could take a lifetime to recover. Suffering also forces us to usually ask for help; to search out others for strength, for many of us that are when some of the greatest bonds of friendship will be made is helping someone that is suffering.Praxis of Suffering Example In the play Antigone we see much suffering mainly by the main character that was persecuted and eventually committed suicide in a cave after being buried alive. Antigone came from a messed up family her father Oedipus killed himself after he found out that he had killed his father and married his real mom. Then not too long after that Oedipus’ sons kill each other in a battle to become king. So Creon becomes king and declares Plyonises an enemy of the state so he won’t be buried. This troubled Antigone because she believed that if Plyonises weren’t buried he would not cross in to the land of the dead but be forced to walk the land as a ghost. We see that Antigone held her brothers and the laws of the gods sacred were as her sister just thought well of the laws of Zeus. We can tell this because she wasn’t willing to risk suffering to bury her brother. Most people think that suffering is a random, natural part of life but in actuality suffering is a mechanism used by the gods to either teach humanity a less, or use it for their own selfish needs. Throughout the book of Job God, or Yahweh used suffering to prove to the Accuser that he was loyal to Him, and not only because God had given Job a blessed life. The Roman pagan gods used suffer for their own personal vendetta such as when Odysseus blinded the Cyclops, who was the son of the Roman god Poseidon, and to get back at Odysseus Poseidon created a storm so he could not get home to make him suffer his homesickness further. The Greek pagan gods also used suffering to their own person use, such as when Jupiter raped and transformed a …show more content… The Accuser claimed that Job was only loyal to God because God had blessed him so much, and that Job would not have hope in God if he was to go through great suffering because for now Job had no reason to curse God or lose any hope in Him.Praxis of Suffering Example The Accuser and God made a bet in which God allowed the Accuser to make Job suffer by killing his livestock, servants, and his ten children. Job had to go through all the pain and suffering of losing everything in his life just to prove God’s point that Job was loyal to Him. God allowed the Accuser to cause Job suffering for their own personal benefit; Job did not deserve the suffering he was forced to endure just to prove a point between the Accuser and God. Job knew he did not deserve all the suffering he was enduring he still had hope in Yahweh, after He came to speak with him and reassure Job not to lose hope in Him because He has a good reason in everything he does and in having hope in God it made it possible for Job to move on and know that what happened was for a reason. In a world where there is constant change, and individuals are constantly attempting to adapt and cope with these changes, the human experiences and responses to this process is central to nursing interest, (Meleis, 2012). Today’s global health problems in addition to the politically volatile health care system, and the rising cost of health care seem insurmountable. As nurses, …show more content… To this end, I believe middle-range theories are best suited to advance nursing knowledge and practice in the 21st century. “Middle-range theories are at those levels of conceptualization that could inform nursing practice and research, and thus continue the cycle of advancing foundational knowledge and enhancing quality care”, (Meleis, 2012).Praxis of Suffering Example Middle-range theories were created to help the nursing profession realize its overall mission and goal, now and in the future; to alleviate pain, suffering and distress, as well as promote health-seeking behaviors which will lead to improved health outcomes and attainable goals. Because middle-range theories lie in the middle of grand theories and situation specific theories, they are directed more toward specific interventions that can be implemented at the ‘bedside’. As such, they are designed to provide frameworks to manage patients’ experiences with symptoms, as well as the ability to understand responses to health and illness phenomenon. As stated by Mary Jane Smith and Patricia Liehr, (1999), middle-range theories require the co-existence of research and practice in their development. Given the practice-research unity underlying the creation of middle-range theories, it is proposed that the “neomodernist paradigm”, which espouses the belief that human beings are multi-dimensional, ever changing, and complex, is critical to the development of nursing.Praxis of Suffering Example Get a 10 % discount on an order above $ 100 Use the following coupon code : NURSING10

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