Reassessment of Client Risks and Needs

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Reassessment of Client Risks and Needs

Read the “Risk-Need-Responsivity Model for Offender Assessment and Rehabilitation 2007-06” article.

Review the following scenario:

  • The client is a 32-year-old male who was released from incarceration 6 months ago. The client had previously been incarcerated for 2 years for two felony drug offenses due to possession and distribution of methamphetamine. He received treatment while incarcerated, but he relapsed and used methamphetamine 2 months after he was released. The client is positive for Hepatitis C, which he contracted while he was in prison. He was receiving medication for his condition until last month when he did not supply a required document to the Medicaid office on time. As a result, he lost his medical coverage.

    The client has been married for 5 years, and he has a 3-year-old child. The client was diagnosed with bipolar disorder at age 28. The client has exhibited emotional outbursts and episodes of perpetrating domestic violence with his wife since his release from incarceration. The client obtained his GED at age 25, but he never attended college. The client also had a learning disorder of dyslexia during his adolescent years. He has minimal job skills, as he only worked at one job as a dishwasher for 2 months during his adult life. He primarily obtained income from selling drugs prior to incarceration.

    The client is currently seeking employment, but he is experiencing difficulty obtaining employment due to his prior criminal conviction.

  • Health needs
  • Social or relationship needs
  • Problem-solving needs
  • Emotional needs
  • Belief or value needs
  • Education or career needs
  • Health risks
  • Social or relationship risks
  • Problem-solving risks
  • Emotional risks
  • Belief or value risks
  • Education or career risks
  • Why is it important to reassess the needs of a client after he or she is released from incarceration?
  • What are some ways by which a person’s needs and risks can be mitigated to reduce the rate of recidivism once an offender is released from incarceration?

Create a mind map of the needs of the client that fit in each category. Specify 3 needs in each of the following categories:

Create a second mind map of the risks of the client that fit in each category. Specify 3 risks in each of the following categories:

Answer the following questions in a 700-word essay:

Format any citations according to APA guidelines.

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