Reproductive Choices Example Essay

Reproductive Choices Example Essay Reproductive Choices Example Essay Women’s reproductive rights are a global issue in today’s world. Women have to fight to have the right to regulate their own bodies and reproductive choices, although in some countries their voices are ignored.Reproductive Choices Example Essay Abortion, sterilization, contraceptives, and family planning services all encompass this global issue of women’s reproductive rights. In India, women are being manipulated to stop having children after their second birth. Officials claim that by regulating population and the pregnancies of women after their second child they will be able to empower women by offering them contraceptive choices and child care facilities. In reality, if women do not agree to be sterilized after their second birth they will be …show more content… They are not able to afford the proper health care or contraception. When women are affected by ill health, their families and communities suffer also.Reproductive Choices Example Essay Without the health care that they need women are suffering from maternal illness and infant and child mortality rates are on the rise. There are a number of global trends that are affecting poor women. Gender, biology and poverty are linked together and are causing women to be more vulnerable to infectious diseases and reproductive tract infections. Poor women are being denied the health care and reproductive care that they desperately need. By ignoring the care that they need, we are deteriorating their lives, the lives of their families and their communities. In Chile, women recently fought and earned the right to have access to emergency contraception in cases of unprotected sex, rape or contraceptive failure. Chilean women finally won this right after a court accepted scientific proof that a pregnancy does not take place until a week after fertilization. Once the emergency contraception could be considered legal, instead of a form of illegal abortion, women were given access to the pill. Western culture is very critical about Third World women and poor women becoming pregnant. Abortion can be said to be an induced process or expulsion of an embryo or fetus from the uterus, result in, or caused by, its death. Sometimes this can occur spontaneously as a miscarriage. It can also be artificially induced through chemical, surgical or other means. This is induced termination or miscarriage occurs before the twenty weeks of gestation.Reproductive Choices Example Essay The induced termination has been a source of debate as well as controversy throughout the history of mankind. This means the position on abortion depends on two factors which include ones personal belief on the morality of induced abortion. The other factor is the government’s limit of authority. A woman has a right to her life. There are human rights which are applicable to every …show more content… Permalink: reproductive-choices-example-essay / ? There are some international instruments which sanction the right of abortion. A mother has a right to abort in a number of circumstances. The stand on the personal belief of induced abortion and the ethical limit of the government stand include the following factors:-Reproductive Choices Example Essay If the progress of the pregnancy would involve risk complications, greater than if the pregnancy were terminated, of injury to the physical or mental health of the pregnant woman. Abortion should be permitted if there is risk that of the child were born it would develop suffering from such physical or mental abnormalities as to be seriously handicapped A mother has aright to abortion if the development of the pregnancy would involve risk to the life of the pregnant woman greater than if the pregnancy were terminated. That abortion should be permitted so as to safeguard the pregnant mother from severe injuries which may be physical or mental.Reproductive Choices Example Essay Get a 10 % discount on an order above $ 100 Use the following coupon code : NURSING10

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