review the disciplines above and thoroughly describe as many connections you can find between the material from environmental science and at least two of the other disciplines of your choice.

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In this course, students are being asked to learn about some basic chemistry, physics and the laws of thermodynamics. Environmental Science is a multi-disciplinary field of study. There are over-lapping concepts with the fields of anthropology, archeology, sociology, psychology and economics. Even in the Arts there are visual artists, writers and musicians, who convey aspects of the natural world in their art. The examples are a poem about a whale that is endangered or a song about an ancient tree.

For this Discussion Board Main Post, review the disciplines above and thoroughly describe as many connections you can find between the material from environmental science and at least two of the other disciplines of your choice. One of the connections should relate in some way to one or more of the Principles of Sustainability addressed in Module 1. Another connection should relate to one of the major Environmental Problems addressed in Module 1.

Population growth (i.e. Humans) is a topic in a future module. Probably a universal cause among authors of environmental textbooks. Please review the Figure 1-16 on page 17 of the textbook.

  • Wasteful and unsustainable resource use. Look no further than your vehicles’ gas tank or hot water heater using electricity from coal power generation.
  • Poverty (again human). If you are hungry and concerned about where your next meal is coming from, then you will not be concerned about what must be done to conserve an endangered species.
  • Failure to include the harmful environmental costs of goods and services in their market price. The consumerism and economics in this course have a direct effect on environmental sustainability. In business (capitalism) a companies’ goal is to maximize profits. If the costs, including environmental costs, exceed the revenue or income, then you may not want to attend the next stockholders’ meeting if you are a corporate officer. If you are a consumer, then what should you expect to have happen? Hint, do you remember the $1.00 tire disposal fee at the tire shop? Where do you think government subsidies for growing corn to produce ethanol fit in the discussion?
  • Increasing isolation from nature. Ask a city dwelling child where his milk comes from and you can guess the answer. Many humans do not understand the relationship between wastes and pollutants that they produce. Very few know where they end up in the environment let alone understand the Law of Conservation of Energy, which simply states that no energy is created or destroyed. Module 2 will briefly address this topic and the principal of recycling of wastes that sustains life on earth and which falls under one of the principals of sustainability. It is imperative that people are educated to understand how dependent we are on the earth’s natural systems and natural capital. (Miller & Spoolman, 2015, p. 16)
  • As with any problem, there is a desire to solve it. The first action is to find the root cause and define it. In terms of what causes environmental problems, it could be summed up in the phrase from the comic strip POGO, by Walt Kelly, “we have met the enemy and he is us”.

    The Scientific Principles of Sustainability are:

    • Dependence on Solar Energy
    • Biodiversity
    • Chemical Cycling or Nutrient Cycling

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