The Essential Parts of an Essay Made Easy

The Essential Parts of an Essay Made Easy

Are great writers made or born? The answer to whether writing skills are acquired or innate depends on the respondent’s skills.

Arguably, great writers are made. Anyone can learn and master the art of writing. As a company committed to empowering adult learners and professionals, we have compiled the guidelines to impeccable essay writing in this article “the essential parts of an essay made easy.” We aim at answering the question “what are the essential parts of an essay?” by outlining the five sections of an essay.

5 Parts of an essay made easy

What Are the Basic Parts of an Essay?

At whatever point you are composing an exposition, you should consistently structure your work into three primary parts. The 3-section paper design gets further developments to the five pieces of an exposition. The 3-section exposition structure frames the spine for the five sections of an essay.

Each academic essay assignment ought to have the following elements to be classified as a good essay.


An introduction of an essay prepares the audience on the themes to explore in the essay. The introduction is an opening of what is to come ahead. Here, the author acquaints the theme by giving foundation data and giving a theoretical explanation. A thesis statement should also be mentioned in the introduction to make the readers aware of your essay’s central claim.


The second piece of any article is the body of the exposition. In most cases, the essay’s body ought to contain at least three passages on the side of the proposal articulation made in the early section. Each paragraph should transfer an individual point or thought. Moreover, you should consistently ensure that your passages contain three sections: the subject sentence, supporting proclamation, and the finishing up sections.


The conclusion should mark the conclusion of your thesis. Here, an author should sum up the body’s thoughts and repeat the thesis statement.

What Are the 5 Parts of an Essay?

Since you know about the three critical pieces of an exposition, we would now identify the areas into the five sections of an essay. Before composing a paper, you should consistently ensure that you outline using the five sections to guide you through the creative writing process.

Your essay outline should include the following

Section one: introduction

Section two: body paragraph one

Section three: body paragraph two

Section three: body paragraph three

Section four: third body paragraph

Section five: conclusion

After that, it would be best if you integrated the outline with relevant and logical ideas.

Part I- Introduction

In most cases, the initial segment of the essay ought to present the subject of the paper. The first statement of the essay shapes the introduction paragraph. The introduction paragraph ought to have three fundamental parts. All in all, what are the three principal components of an introduction? Read on and learn.

How you build up your introduction will assist the audience in understanding what is to follow. In the event that you present your essay with a messy introduction, the audience may not desire to proceed with the rest of the essay. Subsequently, it would help if you made your introduction as infectious as could be possible. The section of an essay introduction includes the following.

  • Topic sentence
  • Brief background data
  • Thesis statement

The topic sentence of your introduction should hook your audience. Make it appealing and fascinating. Thusly, your reader(s) would envision proceeding with reading the remaining paragraphs. A cunning method of beginning an essay is by utilizing a topic sentence that transfers true, some known fact, perception, or an inquiry. The centerpiece of the introduction section should give foundation data on the subject of the paper. The thesis statement should come at the end of your introduction. Typically, the thesis statement highlights the central theme of an essay.

Section 2-Paragraph 1 of the Body

The second segment of the five sections of an essay should start your essay’s body. In this segment, guarantee that you give a point or a thought that shows backing to the thesis statement. While you are presenting your ideas in the body segment, ensure that you start with a statement that holds a lot of weight. The second piece of your essay (section 2) should transfer the main purpose of the essay. The first passage in the body area ought to have three divisions:

The Topic Sentence:

The topic sentence in a passage presents the fundamental thought in the section. Thusly, it will open the door to make attention to the main idea of the paragraph.

Supporting Sentences:

The supporting sentence should expand on the theme sentence. Here, a writer should give bits of supporting proof that backs up the subject sentence’s case. The supporting evidence could be specific illustrations, realities, measurements, known writing, or even close-to-home insight. Ordinarily, the supporting sentences ought to be adequate to persuade to concur with the perspective pronounced by the theme sentence. Three to five sentences are sufficient to give supporting explanations in the section.

The Closing Sentence:

Toward the end of the section, the author should consistently incorporate a closing sentence to check the passage’s finish. The last sentence ought to invariably sum up the point put across by the subject sentence and the supporting assertions. The concluding sentence should close the passage and set up the reader with the idea that continues in the following section.

Section 3 – Paragraph 2 of the Body

The third section of the 5 section session ought to be the second passage of your body. Here, the author writes about the second most significant point or thought of the essay. Keep in mind, the second section of your essay had the most grounded point. Thusly, to keep up your essay’s progression, guarantee that you make the second most significant point in the third passage. The first sentence of this paragraph should transfer your subsequent point. Accordingly, ensure that you utilize transitional expressions or words to interface the primary highlight the second one that you are presenting.

Much the same as the former section, the second passage of the section ought to have three sections:

  • The topic sentence
  • Supporting statements
  • Concluding statements

Make sure that your points flow in the entire paragraph in an orderly manner. Utilize a convincing statement as the topic sentence. Moreover, ensure that the topic sentence underpins the thesis you stayed in the introduction. After the opening statement, continue by adding supporting articulations that back up the subject sentence’s case. The supporting assertions could be as specific illustrations, realities, measurements, or results from individual examinations. Eventually, incorporate a sentence that sums up the section and denotes the finish of the passage.

Section 4-Paragraph 3 of the Body

The fourth part in the five pieces of an exposition denotes the end of your paper. At this juncture, present a more vulnerable point than the two points in the second and third sections. More importantly, make sure that the points are in line with the thesis statement.

Even though the fourth passage includes the most fragile theme of the relative multitude of different focuses, it is similarly significant. Consequently, ensure that you keep up the passage’s progression merely in a similar way to build up various sections. The three parts of the section continue as before, for example, the topic sentence, supporting sentences, and the concluding statement.

 Section 5 – The Conclusion of the Paragraph

The conclusion is the last piece of the five parts of an article. You should consistently make sure that you appropriately finish up your essay. How would you finish up appropriately? A decent end repeats the thesis statement. Moreover, ensure that you interface the conclusion section and the introductory passage.  Keep in mind the following key points.

  • The conclusion significant
  • The conclusion should restate the thesis, ensure that it doesn’t sound equivalent to the one you mentioned earlier
  • It ought to likewise give a synopsis of the central issues in the body of the essay

The conclusion should give an outline of the entire paper. Give explanations that sum up the three central matters demonstrated in the body of the exposition. Your closing section’s last assertion should give an obvious sign that the essay is coming to an end. Ensure that you end it with an explanation that will make the audience think about the essay even after completing it.

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