The Great Awakening

Please read instructions for Journals (this can be found on the home page) before starting this assignment. For your first Journal you will research the Great Awakening. Cite any work (just with a works referenced page) using MLA (Links to an external site.)). You will write your paper as a fictional person who has attended an Awakening revival led by Jonathan Edwards or George Whitefield. You will write a journal (diary) entry, letter or newspaper article about your experience. Since you are writing this as if it were a primary source you need to pay close attention to primary sources as you research the topic. This activity aligns with Unit 1 learning outcome 3. Research Review these colonies in your textbook before starting the more in depth research. You must use something from the American Historical Newspaper Database. If you don’t see the content box below the other way to get to this database start at the Library (Links to an external site.) and then use these instructions – Library to Historical Newspapers.docx For this assignment you will find the information “Colonial Period” Era, you will see in the middle column “First Great Awakening”, choose that. There you will find the over view and many good primary sources. Remember you need to you both primary sources and secondary sources. A couple of other sites that could be helpful too. (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.)

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The Great Awakening
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