Top 5 Most Trusted Online Assignment Help Websites 2021

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Nowadays, most professionals have to juggle many things to get their social and academic life in place. As a result, there is less time to take care of the ever-piling assignments. These strict time schedules have made it difficult to catch up with timelines and deadlines. Given this, seeking academic assistance from assignment help experts has become a necessity in students’ life. Online assignment help websites help you meet the deadlines and offer tuition services on how to handle assignments of different disciplines. Therefore, to excel in your academic life, you must seek help from the most trusted online assignment help websites. These most trusted online assignment help websites will get you the most out of online assignment help.

Online Assignment Help Websites 2021

As a student, the thought of purchasing an essay or getting assignment help from online sites might have crossed your mind on several occasions. However, with the rapid increase of assignment help websites, it might be challenging to gauge which websites are legit, reliable and trustworthy. As such, most students give up on seeking online assignment help. Even so, some end up putting their trust in websites that are not invested in the student’s academic success.

In this case, students end up with less satisfying papers that yield unsatisfactory grades. If you are one such student, you do not need to worry. We (through the help of expert writers) have conducted intensive research on what you should look for in an online assignment help website. Consequently, we have come up with a list of the top 5 most trusted online assignment help websites.

Top 5 Most Trusted Online Assignment Help Websites

With the never-ending introduction of new websites, it might be challenging to secure a reliable website that professionally completes assignment requests. However, with the proper guidelines on what to look for, you might secure yourself a long-standing professional relationship with some of the most renowned online assignment help websites. As experts in online assignment help, we have compiled a list of the top 5 most trusted online assignment help websites to help you get started.

Our ratings are based on the pricing, professionalisms as well as feedback from students. You can select one with a profile you most prefer or hire them interchangeably before you settle on one from this list. Either way, we assure students that the websites on the list below offer quality student assignment help at affordable prices.


My Course Bay claims the top spot on our list of the top 5 most trusted online assignment help websites due to their extra-ordinary delivery of writing service. The website has been in the industry for 7+ years and continues to gains worldwide popularity. The website gives students access to professional writers who are highly-qualified in diverse academic fields. As such, the website can handle orders from different fields across all academic levels.

Best Online Assignment Help Websites

Among the services offered by include:

  • Essay Writing: With the increased need for professional academic writers, My Course Bay ensure that they hire the most experienced writers for academic writing needs.
  • Admission Essays: The website will also help students get to their schools of choice by crafting content-rich admission essays that increase admissions chances. Even afterwards, once you get admissions, the website holds your hand for different academic writing needs.
  • Article Writing: The website offers exemplary services writing articles and blogs.

Why is myCourseBay Unique?

The website is keen on customer satisfaction and provides free features and additional services to all clients. The free features include:

  • Free Follow-up Discussion Posts.
  • Free bibliography
  • Unlimited Revisions

As a model to enhance the reliability of the website, the following additional services are included:

  • Payments by instalments
  • Links to original sources of information
  • Student’s can review samples by their writer
  • Provision of PowerPoint and charts

Advantages of My Course Bay’s Online Assignment Help Service:

  • On-time delivery of orders: All orders are delivered within the timelines
  • 100% privacy: Communication between the support system and students is encrypted end-to-end to avoid attacks by online hackers. The website guarantees that no private data is shared with third parties.
  • Zero tolerance to plagiarism: All papers are run on plagiarism checkers to eliminate similarities with previously submitted work.
  • Affordability: Prices are pocket-friendly to accommodate students from all academic levels.


GPA Fix is one of the most trusted online assignment help websites that is reliable and affordable. The website has gained a worldwide reputation for being among the few websites that provide a wide range of academic writing help.  From lab reports to research papers, admission papers and CVs, nothing is off the table. Thus, the website helps you secure a position at your desired institution and maintaining good grades while you are in school. In the end, it becomes easier for you to achieve your short-term and long-time career goals. You can be rest assured that GPA fix is among the few online assignments websites that are heavily invested in the students’ success. Therefore, if you are looking for a website that will guide you through admissions, termly papers and resumes, this is the right place to be.

Best Assignment Help Websites

Why is GPA Fix Unique?

For GPA Fix to be considered as one of the top 5 most trusted online assignment help websites, it possesses the following unique characteristics:

  • Transparent pricing system: The first thing you notice on the GPA Fix website is that they offer an online calculator that let you know how they price different papers. The pricing depends on the type of paper, academic level, urgency and page count.
  • Affordability: The pricing system ensures that students and professionals get papers at affordable rates.
  • Professionally written papers: The writers hired at GPA Fix are experts with high academic qualifications in different disciplines. The expertise enables the writers to produce professionally written papers.
  • Quality papers: With a high level of professionalism, the writers ensure that the work is well researched for quality papers.
  • Originality: As required by most institutions, GPA Fix ensures that all papers are written from scratch with maintenance on 100% originality.
  • Privacy and confidentiality: The website is very keen on a privacy policy that ensures no personal information is available to third parties.
  • 24/7 customer support: Students can always reach out to tutors at any time of the day or night.


My Paper Support is among the most popular online assignment help websites. It has gained popularity from across the globe. However, it is essential to note that popularity alone does not equate to reliability and efficiency. My Paper Support is among the most trusted online assignment help websites due to the efficiency in delivering orders from students. Therefore, the website befits to be among the top 5 most trusted online assignment help websites.

Best Online Assignment Website

With My Paper Support, you are guaranteed the following advantages:

Timely delivery of papers: As a leading website that handles online assignments for students, My Paper Support is primarily invested in customer satisfaction. They ensure that all papers are delivered on or before the deadline. This way, the student can review the work before the official submission date.

Quality papers: The website has highly qualified professional writers who ensure that papers are handled with professionalism. In the end, students receive quality and content-rich papers.

Affordability: The papers are priced using an online calculator which considers the urgency, page count, level of education. This pricing mechanism results in fair pricing for all students.

Plagiarism-free papers: As one of the leading online assignment help websites, My Paper Support invests in qualified writers for originality. All papers are written from scratch through intensive research on available literature.

Privacy and confidentiality: The website ensures that all papers sent to clients are not used for any purposes. All personal details are also within the service providers without engaging with third parties.

How to Make an Order from My Paper Support?

The process of purchasing a paper from My Paper Support is as simple as ABC:

  • Hit the Write My Paper button: This button directs you to a window that requires details of the paper you need help with.
  • Place and Order: Include all details of the assignment, including any necessary attachments.
  • Enter your personal details: the website requires that you key your personal details and create a personal account for easier identification. The account also acts as a channel of communication between students and the support system.
  • Make payments for the order: the website provides students with different payment methods to select their most preferred payment method.

Course Hero is among the most common assignment help websites. While it is widely known, it does not operate as most websites operate. The website offers not only writing help but also different learning resources to support student’s academic life. For instance, there are over 300 million copies of course-specific learning materials that help students meet their academic needs.

Affordable Assignment Help

The following are examples of course-specific learning materials that can be accessed through the website:

  • Study guides for different disciplines: As a website covering a wide area, the website offers students several study guides that help students in revisions. These study guides help by simplifying the concepts so that student can find them easier to understand.
  • Top-quality help with online assignments for students: Most writers on Course Hero are professional writers who have expertise in different disciplines and therefore research more to produce high-quality papers.
  • Practice problems from different topics across all disciplines: Course Hero also helps students practice more on different problems by providing solutions to the problem. These practice problems help them excel in different disciplines.
  • Step-by-step explanations to problems: one of the learning resources provided by Course Hero are the step-by-step explanations that help students to understand concepts better.
  • Class notes for different disciplines: Course Hero can be likened to a library since it provides different class notes for different disciplines across all academic levels.

Why is Course Hero Unique?

Course Hero made it to the top 5 most trusted online assignment websites due to the diversity of the services and resources offered by the website. Most importantly, students from all academic disciplines can get learning resources regardless of the academic level. Even so, for you to access the wide range of services on the website, you have to create a membership account. The membership can be basic or premium, depending on the financial engagement. The basic membership is free and has limited access to the resources, while the premium membership has a fee that gives you unlimited access to the learning resources. In it important to note, however, that an a la carte price applies for basic membership services that require online assignment help from tutors.

The best thing about Course Hero is that it upholds a collective responsibility framework where students can subscribe to materials by providing their own study materials.


Chegg is also one of the most sought-after assignment help websites in 2021. Just like Course Hero, the website does not operate as most websites do. The website offers both study help and writing help to students from different disciplines.

1. Writing Help

The Chegg Writing Help section has been divided into two categories:

Chegg Tutors: The Chegg Tutors is a platform with a panel of experienced professionals who are readily available to offer tuition help of any kind. The writers bring on-board a rich and extensive knowledge in different disciplines to help students across all subjects. With such extensive knowledge, students easily access academic guidance in the disciplines.

Chegg Homework Help

Chegg Writing: The Chegg Writing interface provides a platform where students can access various writing help.  From assignments help to plagiarism checks and citations, all your writing needs are covered. The platform gives students access to a plagiarism checker to ensure that students do not submit plagiarized work. The checkers scan your work against billions of other submitted materials for any similarities. It, therefore, allows you to make revisions on plagiarized parts. In addition to this, Chegg Writing also gives access to professional editors who can review your work and offer advice where necessary. Lastly, the Chegg Writing platform offers a citation tool for automatic citing assistance for different styles, including Chicago, MLA, and APA.

  1. Study Help:

The Chegg Study Help platform has been divided into four independent categories:

Chegg Books: This section allows students to buy, rent and sell books as well as eTextbooks. Since most people on the platform are students, the books are sold at student-friendly prices. Chegg Books give students a 21-day risk-free policy that provides a window for the return of hard copy books. Once you are Chegg Books, you gain free access to Chegg Study for four weeks of trial.

Chegg Study: This section gives students access to different learning resources. The tutors are available round-the-clock to provide solutions to different problems. The tutors provide stepwise solutions to ensure that the students grasp the taught concepts.

Chegg Math Solver: The Chegg Math Solver provides automatic solutions to Math problems once you key in the problem. The platform also provides options for uploading a picture of the math problem without typing the problem. The Math solver ensures that the solutions are stepwise to provide a better understanding of how the problem was solved.

Chegg Flashcards: Flashcards are becoming more common nowadays on online assignment help websites. As one of the leading assignments help websites, Chegg provides a free flashcard that is reliable and efficient. One can also generate their own flashcards and use flashcards by other students to study. These flashcards make it convenient for students to study from whichever location. All you need to do is to search for the flashcards you need and select the decks that are most relevant to your course.

FAQs on Most Trusted Online Assignment Help Websites

1. What is the Best Assignment Help Website?

The best assignment help website is included in our list of the top 5 most trusted online assignment help websites. Students can simply select one of the websites on our list and be guaranteed reliability and professionalism. Once you have discovered your most preferred site, it is recommended that you stick to the site.

2. How do You do an Online Assignment?

Online assignments are just like physical assignment, only that they are issued and submitted by electronic means. Online assignments are issued via forums created by the institution and are only accessible by the students registered for the course. As a student, you should follow the professor’s instructions to ensure that you complete the assignment.

In conclusion, academic experts recommend that students verify a website’s authenticity before committing to their services. Most students are often lured by cheap pricing only to end up with poorly done papers and grader. Moreover, others have been victims of fraudsters who are in the industry to make money out of unsuspicious students. However, with the recommended websites, students are guaranteed quality and affordable writing services. We advise students seeking professional writing services to submit their ‘do my assignment” request to one of the above websites. These websites have been proven that the websites above are among the most trusted online assignments help websites.

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