Trump None Acceptance of Election Results

Instructions: Choose a political news article from reputable source. Examples include: Los Angeles Times, Press Enterprise, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, The Atlantic, other major sources and newspapers. Unacceptable sources include:YouTube videos, Buzzfeed, TMZ, Breitbart, etc.  After reading the article reflect on how you would have understood and responded to the article before you took this class and then how you respond to the article now. Use the following questions to guide your response.  Think about the first day: what was your understanding of politics? Was there an “ah-ha” moment during the semester that made you validate or change your view on politics in general? Now, near the end of your experience, do you see politics in a different light? Formating: Four (4) pages Double spaced Twelve (12) point Times New Roman Font Standard 1″ Margins   MLA  or APA formatting are not required If you use outside sources, cite them within the text and list them on the last page of your assignment Clear and complete sentences Learning objective(s): Understand how government affects daily life Make connections between theory and practice Classify how ideas affect politics. Analyze the validity of your opinions

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Trump None Acceptance of Election Results
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