USF HSC 3002 Future of Hospitals Healthcare Trends in the Making

USF HSC 3002 Future of Hospitals Healthcare Trends in the Making ORDER NOW FOR CUSTOMIZED AND ORIGINAL ESSAY PAPERS ON USF HSC 3002 Future of Hospitals Healthcare Trends in the Making i have attached the group paper me and my group have done so far the only part that i need to be done is the perspective/analysis part which can be from 1-3 paragraphs please read the instructions which have been also uploaded below. USF HSC 3002 Future of Hospitals Healthcare Trends in the Making health_team_1.docx health_team.docx Anjani Patel Diana Davis Carla Iglesias Peguero Rana Tadros Jerimiah Taylor 22, April 2020 HSC 3002- Group 10 The Future of Hospitals: Healthcare Trends in the Making Hospitals and health systems in the United States are facing an unparalleled force to change. Industry experts have projected that multiple, intersecting pressures will drive the transformation of health care delivery and financing from volume- to value-based payments over the next decade. In the current regulatory and economic environment, hospitals must focus their efforts on performance initiatives that are essential in the short term and that will also remain critical for long-term success. Hospitals of the 21st century have been set apart with a great deal of progress. Mechanical arrangements offer lower cost and expanded proficiency without trading off help clients’ consideration and treatment utilizing future innovation. The health care sector in the United States comprises a variety of clinicians, medical clinics and other medical services offices, protection plans, and buyers of human services benefits, all working in different arrangements of gatherings, systems, and free practices. Some are situated in the open part; others work in the private segment as either forbenefit or not-revenue driven substances. The medical services division additionally incorporates controllers, some deliberate and other legislative. Although these different people and associations are for the most part alluded to by and large as “the human services conveyance framework,” the expression proposes a request, coordination, and responsibility that don’t exist. Correspondence, joint effort, or frameworks arranging among these different substances is constrained and is practically accidental to their activities. For comfort, be that as it may, the board of trustees utilizes the basic wording of the social insurance conveyance framework. Suburban and community hospitals will focus on preventing illness, providing primary care services, taking care of patients with chronic illnesses, and performing common procedures. Rovinsky thinks that in the future hospitals will specialize more, especially within large health systems where this can save money.USF HSC 3002 Future of Hospitals Healthcare Trends in the Making According to NCBI, they state that technical solutions to this problem include providing accredited high-quality information; cultural solutions include improving education (NCBI,2013). As the medical services framework shifts toward paying for tolerant results, clinics will concentrate on decreasing costs, improving quality, and boosting purchaser experience. As the world evolves it is clear the development of health care systems as well as the future of hospitals is detrimental to society. The future of hospitals is dependent on many factors of the centuries development, as financial stability and cost is of precedence, the delivery of services are greatly affected by these changes as well. Hospitals have/will continue to succeed and further provide the evolution of society as they were founded in 1996 and claimed “hospital” by Dr. Robert Watcher (Sadick, 2016). From 1996 to 2016 the occurrence of hospitals rose from just a few hundred to 50,000 functioning hospitals, and the progression of these hospitals has only grown since then (Sadick, 2016). With the future of hospitals comes the many attributes of the service provided including the cost of the visits, and delivery of services. The costs of hospitals seem to be of concern to many individuals resulting in the lack of seeking medical help and/or relying on other forms of medical attention. The modern day issue of hospitals correlates to the presence of other health care options, such as: urgent care, doctors offices, and many freestanding emergency departments. This modern day issue will reflect on the future of hospitals due to the inability to hire medical professionals in order for the delivery of services’. This issue will arise in the future of hospitals due to the many other small medical businesses and their developments’. More precisely, the minor detailing that goes unnoticed the majority of the time is that the patients tend to choose the smaller medical organizations, not only for the cost difference, but for the presence of the patient-physician connection. This minor detail allows for many physicians and/or medical professionals to make the decision to work within the smaller organizations, because they are not in the intense and crowded hospital scene. USF HSC 3002 Future of Hospitals Healthcare Trends in the Making The difference within the location/atmosphere is a preference the medical professional gets to choose, and with this choice most times the physician can have more 1-on-1 time with their patient offering them the utmost attention. 32% of practicing doctors say their preference is a specialty-group, whereas 20.5% prefer to be hospital-employed (Finnegan, 2018). With the issue of preference for medical professionals and the evolution of developing specialty-groups we will witness a decrease of hospital finances. When asked “What types of models are augmenting or replacing rural hospitals?” Jim Kendrick, president and CEO of community hospital organization, states the following: “More transformative models repurpose or replace an existing hospital… If patients are out-migrating to an area competitor, hospital leaders could talk with the largest employers and health plans about reducing the out-of-pocket amount employees pay for hospital services. This effort may encourage a return of patients and an increase in volumes…” (Para. 3-4) As stated, the future of hospitals is going to have to undergo many well thought and constructed conclusions to maintain employees for delivery of services, as well as make sure their costs’ are effective and accommodating. According to the Hospitalist, the article states that, The vision of a re-designed clinic with understanding focused consideration, conveyed by a completely engaged group of experts, which is information driven with clear quality estimations, where better execution is remunerated by better pay, is going to an emergency clinic close to you during your expert vocation ( Jerrarde, 2018). We have it all in today’s generation and in the future generation of hospitals. The future of hospitals will affect the population as a whole, therefore the future is also a part of your problems. The future is developed by each and every individual to a certain extent, and so those affected (the population) USF HSC 3002 Future of Hospitals Healthcare Trends in the Making should care for this situation. The hospitals rely on the population to remain a functional system, so bothering to care about your individual contribution to this success/failure is relevant. So what? So, as an individual of contribution it is expected you help with this future development. Why bother? A hospital may be the only hope for survival in a life-or-death situation you or a loved one may encounter, therefore, the access to one in a reasonable range would be necessary. The future of hospitals is vital to society. When it comes to thinking about what the future of hospitals has to come to the aspect of life and who the people in the community and the world are involved. So what? Hospitals back then didn’t have all the tools and necessities that we have today to help patients with difficult operations or taking 3-D Pictures and so much more but of course when looking into the future of hospitals is has way more of the products to help live a better life for people needing to have and lead a better life such as the technological aspect of the hospital vision. Why Bother? We all should really take a deep look into the reason we are all behind a better life with the new future of hospitals as it’s a very important source to our daily lifestyle. A hospital is a way of living and taking care of ourselves along with it being a functional system as well. The future of hospitals is a better patient experience. References Page Thimbleby H. (2013). Technology and the future of healthcare. Journal of public health research, 2(3), e28. – I have decided to add this reference to this paper due to the fact that it is an overall description about the future of the hospitals and what people can expect from this source if they need more information regarding the future of healthcare. Kendrick, J. (2019, May 23). The Future of Rural Hospitals. Retrieved April 14, 2020, from – I have inserted this reference to consolidate my point on the future success of the hospitals, and back with evidence from the CEO his words on how the many other forms of medical attention are making the future harder. Sadick, B. (2018, June 10). A look at the growing specialty of hospitalist. Retrieved April 14 2020,from – This reference was essential in providing our document with evidence that hospitals are essential to society and at one point was growing tremendously. The reference was for numerical evidence on hospitals previous success in development. Finnegan, J. (2018, July 19). Survey: Doctors might prefer private practice, but the jobs are at hospitals.Retrieved April 14, 2020, from – USF HSC 3002 Future of Hospitals Healthcare Trends in the Making The reference provided assists this document by allowing percentages on the amount of doctors in practice that prefer the ability to work outside of a hospital. This assists our document by reasoning the issue with the lack of physicians in hospitals’ for the delivery of services. Jerrard, J. (2018, September 14). The Hospital of the Future. Retrieved from – I have provided this reference as I felt it had an appropriate use to the information in which the article was handed to use in the paper as the topics related to one another. The article spoke about the delivery of care along with the way the hospital of the future really looked like in the coming years. The reference was for using the information for numerical evidence within the paper. TEAM PROJECT: INTRODUCTION TO HEALTH PROFESSIONS TEAM PROJECT OVERVIEW: During this semester, each of you will be part of a team. The team will create an issue paper and presentation examining a topic of current interest and relevance. Teams will consist of four people. Teams will be formed in the second week. Teams will then have until January 24, 2019 to select the issue topic that the team will focus on from the list provided. No two teams may choose the same topic – there will be a lottery for that topic should this occur. The team will collaborate on ALL PARTS of an issue paper: • • 6-8 pages (double-spaced, margins of 1 inch and font size of 11 or 12; bibliography does NOT count as pages) a presentation to be given in class (Powerpoint, 5 slides minimum, 10 slides maximum, 10 minutes maximum). o EVERYONE ON THE TEAM MUST HAVE A ROLE IN THE PRESENTATION. If you are absent on the day of your team’s presentation there will be a minimum of a 50% penalty to your grade. Exceptions are RARE. PAPER OUTLINE: Here is the outline for your paper (MUST USE APA STYLE) and presentation. Please note that the paper MUST be organized into the sections below. There will be a substantial penalty if it is not: • • • • • • Title: try to make it interesting…..capture my attention!! o (EXAMPLE: The Future of Medicare: A Love Story For the Aged) Summary: 1-3 paragraphs summarizing the entire paper. Assume this is the only section your parent(s), Aunt/Uncle or grandmother would read if you gave them your paper. Issue Description/Background: historical perspectives, current state of affairs Perspectives/Analysis/Impacts: Each team member will analyze and discuss the issue from his/her perspective. Be sure to answer the questions: So What? Who Cares? Why Bother? This should be a WELL-INTEGRATED section. Conclusions: Speculate/Predict the future of the issue (resolution, stalemate, impact on future generations) Bibliography: Minimum of 5 references which may be scholarly journal articles, trusted online sources, books, magazines –USF HSC 3002 Future of Hospitals Healthcare Trends in the Making NO WIKIPEDIA CITATIONS!! o Your Bibliography MUST BE APA STYLE: this means that for each citation, you must provide a brief description of why you included this reference and what value it added to your analysis. (TEAM WORK, INDIVIDUALS MAY ADD REFERENCES IF THEY WISH) o APA Resource for Citation & Paper Formatting: g_and_style_guide/general_format.html PRESENTATION: This is the same basic outline as the paper, but I’m giving you 10 slides to do it in. EVERY TEAM MEMBER MUST HAVE A SPEAKING ROLE IN THE PRESENTATION. EVERY TEAM MEMBER WILL RECEIVE THE SAME GRADE FOR THE PRESENTATION. Team members will have the opportunity to confidentially evaluate each other and themselves. These evaluations will be seen only by me but will influence my assessment of the team as a whole and of the individual members. The point is: CARRY YOUR WEIGHT!! (or bad things will happen). TOPICS FOR ISSUE PAPER The topics below are illustrative examples. Your team may choose from this list or may develop its own topic, however, in all cases your topic MUST BE APPROVED BY ME NO LATER THAN JANUARY 24, 2019. Choose wisely. • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • The Affordable Care Act (ACA): Effects on Cost, Access to, and Quality of Healthcare and Future Issues (You MUST discuss the actions of the U.S. Congress in changing the ACA since January 2018) Global Climate Change and the U.S. Health Care System: Are We Prepared? Health Care Delivery to Underserved Populations in the US (Health Disparities) The Future of Medicaid (include the issue of Medicaid expansion under the PPACA and the Impacts of Congressional action in 2017). Public and Community Health in the 21st Century: Essential Services and Greatest Challenges Health Care Issues in Aging Populations (you must address Medicare financing but this issue is broader than that) Health Care Financing (address both the single-payer option and variations on the current forms of financing) The Impact of Technology on Health Care Delivery and Cost (you might want to include information technology (e.g., electronic medical records) as well as more traditional technologies) The Future of Hospitals (reimbursements, delivery of services, cost, organizational consolidation – you choose) Children’s Health Care Services – Pay Now or Pay Later! (this topic is intended to focus at the state level) Womens’ Health: Is There Still a Double Standard? Mental Health Care: Forgotten Issue? Forgotten People? Veterans’ Health Care: Is the Department of Veterans’ Affairs Up to the Task? Current Health Care Training/Future Workforce Adequacy (choose a minimum of two career choices and compare them – one of these must be from the allied health professions).USF HSC 3002 Future of Hospitals Healthcare Trends in the Making You may also focus on a more general issue such as Health Care Workforce Diversity or Impact of PPACA on Workforce Adequacy. Balancing Wellness vs. Sickness: Health Promotion/Disease Prevention (you may scope this topic to focus on a specific aspect, e.g., wellness in the workplace, effectiveness of anti-obesity programs, etc. but you must use scientific literature) Global Health Care Delivery (choose two countries and compare to the US in the dimensions of quality, access, and affordability; at least one country must be from the developing world) Pharmaceuticals: How Much Should We Pay to Keep People Alive? (this topic could focus on orphan drugs, the high cost of drug development/ commercialization, efficacy and cost of generics vs. “name” brands) Precision Medicine (Personalized Medicine): How Will This Change Health Care? (this topic will focus on the CHANGES to health care, not just on the science) … . Get a 10 % discount on an order above $ 100 Use the following coupon code : NURSING10

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USF HSC 3002 Future of Hospitals Healthcare Trends in the Making
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