Virtual Museum Visit Essay

Virtually visit a Museum or Gallery of Fine Art and write an essay on your experience. In the essay describe your virtual visit to the museum. Select at least 1 work of art from the collection that you respond to and/or like (it might be a good idea to choose a more popular work that has Internet or book references). You must provide the following information on the work selected: Artist, nationality, life dates Title, date Media Credit line Location in Museum (e.g. American gallery, sculpture garden) Describe the work of art physically (as if you are describing it to a friend who hasn’t seen it). Include information on the composition, the formal elements and subject matter. Use terms that you learned in class when appropriate. Also consider questions such as: What do you think the artist’s intention was? Do you think he/she succeeded? Next, describe why you like or dislike this work of art? (For example, is it aesthetically pleasing? Do you like or relate to the subject matter? Does it evoke any emotion? what aspects of color theory does it use? how does it sit in space, or use space(visual space), review visual elements module for this vocabulary)

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Virtual Museum Visit Essay
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