How to Cite in APA 7 Style

Have you wondered, how to cite in APA 7 style ? Well, this post is for you.

APA (American Psychological Association) is one of the widely used styles for citations and references. Thus, there are different set rules to distinguish each citation style and allow the reader to identify your work’s source. That said, check out the general APA format for referencing your research papers, website content, online articles, and in-text citations. By the end of this post, you should be conversant with how to cite in APA 7 style.

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How to Cite in APA 7 Style
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General APA Guidelines| How To Cite in APA 7 Style

For starters, your essay should have a header at the top of every page. If it’s a research paper, your header should include the page title and page number. Also, ensure that the page number flushes right and the page title left.

The header should be a summary of your article’s main title. Ensure that your essay is typed in a consistent font throughout the article and double spaced. However, there isn’t a specified font style for professional writing under APA guidelines, but there are a few recommendations.

APA points out that your article should contain four main sections. These are the title page, abstract, main body, and references section.

How to Cite in APA 7 Style: Title Page

This section includes the paper’s title, author’s name, and institutional affiliation. The title should be in both uppercase and lowercase and located on the upper half section of the page. Also, ensure that your title is bolded and center-aligned. Check how to format a paper in APA 7 here

The author’s name comes beneath the title and should include the author’s first name, middle name initials, last name, and shouldn’t include any titles or degrees. The institution affiliation follows next showing where the author conducted research.

According to APA 7, which has updates and new guidelines, a research paper should include the author’s note. It comes beneath the institution and should be divided into several relevant paragraphs.

 How to Cite in APA 7 Style : Abstract

Indicate the word “Abstract” on a new page and ensure that it’s center aligned. The abstract is a summary of your research and contains your topic, research methodologies, results, and analysis. The abstract should be a single paragraph and should not exceed 250 words.

How to Cite in APA 7 Style: In-text Citation

APA style uses the author-date method for referencing text within the article.  The author’s last name and year of publication should appear in the text, for example, (Dennis, 1940). Each reference source should then appear in the references section at the end of your paper.

Referencing to the author and publication year should be when you’re referring to a single idea. This means that you’re not directly referencing an entire book or article.

Conversely, when quoting directly from another source, ensure to include the page number using the abbreviation “p.” or “pp.” for example, (Dennis, 1940, p.200). For page ranges, the format includes a dash, for example, (Dennis, 1940, pp.200-205)

All proper nouns, including author names and initials, should be capitalized. The title of the source within your essay should also be capitalized with the exception of verbs, nouns, adjectives, and other short words.

Quotations for sources without a page shouldn’t reference a page number. Instead, you may reference an element within the source such as a paragraph, section number, or chapter number. For example, Dennis, (1940) found psychological inconsistencies in expressed attitudes and behavior (chapter 5)

 How to Cite in APA 7 Style: Reference List

The last bit of your paper is the references section which is organized alphabetically according to author names. The basic format includes the author name, Year of publication, work title, and work source in that order. The format will depend on the type of work being referenced.

How to Cite Articles in APA 7 Style

For articles, the format includes author name, Year, article title, publication title, and URL if any. For example, Dennis, K. (2017, November 20). Maintaining and improving indoor air quality. NY NEWS.

How to Cite a Book in APA 7 Style

When referencing books, the format includes, author name, Year, book title, book edition if any, and the publisher.

For example, Dennis, K. (2018). Writing for Beginners: Getting started(Vol. 1). Milan Publishers

How to Cite Websites in APA 7 Style

Citing a web page following format: Author name, Year, month date, Page or Section Title, Source, and URL. If there is no date, use (n.d.)

For example, My Coursebay. (n.d.). How to cite in APA 7 style

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