[ORDER SOLUTION] Opioid Deaths in British Columbia

During the pandemic, opioid deaths in British Columbia have increased.In 1000 words, discuss the reasons for this.You can use course material in your answer.You must properly cite your sources using any style you want (APA, MLA).

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[ORDER SOLUTION] The Public Health Field

Discussion that includes the following:An explanation of how you personally could use networking with peers or professionals in the public health fieldTwo strategies for addressing public health issues using networking Identification of at least one professional organization in your field of study that posts on social media sites and an explanation of why following the organization might be beneficial.referencehttp://ijds.org/Volume12/IJDSv12p033-048Berry2975.pdfhttps://www.publichealth.org/resources/professional-networking/https://academicguides.waldenu.edu/careerservicescenter/networking/home

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[ORDER SOLUTION] The Biological Systems

As it pertains to the biological systems, explain what is meant by “dynamic steady state.” Provide examplesExplain what is meant by the term an “amphipathic” molecule. Provide examplesExplain what sets the lower limit of the cell size and the upper limit.The antidepressant medication citalopram (trade name Celexa), a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor, is a racemic mixture of the two isomers, but only (S)-citalopram has the therapeutic effect. A stereochemically pure preparation of (S)-citalopram (escitalopram oxalate) is sold under the trend name Lexapro. This is an example of stereospecificity. Explain what is meant by “stereospecificityExplain why ionic attractions are weaker in media with high dielectric constants, e. g., water and aqueous buffers.Explain how cellular communication occurs on molecular and cellular levels. Provide examples.In regards to the protein structure, explain what is meant by “quaternary structure.” What are the main forces that stabilize quaternary structures in proteins? Provide examples.In your understanding, do you think that the following statement is correct: “Water is an effective solvent for living systems because of its inert behavior”? Why or whynot? Explain your answer.Explain Endosymbiotic Theory; provide supporting evidence that substantiates this theory.Explain why hydrophobic molecules aggregate together when placed in water and aqueous buffers. What is the thermodynamic driving force for this separation?Amino acid thyroxine is an iodine containing biological derivative of tyrosine and is a major hormone, T4, secreted by the follicular cells of the thyroid gland. The three pKa values for thyroxine are pK1 = 2.2, pK2 = 10.1, and pKR = 6.5 (see structure below). Would it be correct to say that at physiological pH 7.4, [Fully deprotonated thyroxine] > [Fully ionized thyroxine]? Explain your answer. Explain why those biological reactions that have their equilibria shifted towards the products have negative values for ?Go of reactions. Explain how equilibria relates to Gibbs free energy.Explain why synthesis of a dipeptide from two individual amino acids is energetically unfavorable. Explain how this unfavorable synthesis occurs in biological systems.The mitochondrial enzyme fumarase is involved in the Krebs Cycle, and catalyzes the reversible hydration of fumarate to (S)-malate. What is the ?Go? (in kJ/mol) for the forward reaction catalyzed by mitochondrial fumarase at an average adult body temperature of 37 oC? Equilibrium concentrations of the reactants and products are given below for each of the components. You must show your calculations.5.3 ?M 2.3 ?M 13.8 ?MNormally, in mammals the body maintains the blood glucose level at a reference range between 3.6 and 5.8 mM (mmol/L). It is tightly regulated as a part of metabolic homeostasis. Explain what would happen if red blood cells were placed into a solution containing 0.5 mM glucose; what would be the term that describes this solution?The pH of blood in normal individuals is 7.4, while alcohol abuse may result in blood pH elevated to as high as 8.0, a condition known as metabolic alkalosis. Calculate the ratio of hydronium ions in blood of a normal individual to that of a person with alcohol abuse. You must show your calculations.MOPS (3-(N-morpholino) propanesulfonic acid) is a physiologically relevant acid has a pKa of 7.2. What would be pH of the buffer prepared from equal amounts of 15 mM MOPS acid and 6 mM MOPS base? Show your calculations. Would this prepared buffer be a suitable buffer? Explain your answer.Calculate the molar extinction coefficient of tryptophan (in M?1cm?1) (MW 204.23 g/mol) if 0.01 g sample is prepared in 100 mL buffer, the above solution produced an absorbance of 2.74 when using a spectrophotometer with a cuvette path length of l = 1 cm.Calculate the net charge on the following nonapeptide at thephysiological pH 7.4, and predict the peptide’s mobility in an electric field. Explain your answer.Tyr – Ala – Phe – Lys – Gly – Cys – Ser – His – AspExplain how the directionality of bonding may affect the strength of the hydrogen bonds.A mixture of urease (pI = 5.1; MW 482,000), catalase (pI = 5.6; MW 247,500), lactoglobulin (pI = 5.2; MW 37,100) and hemoglobin (pI = 6.9; MW 64,500) were applied in a pH 6.5 buffer to a CM-cellulose (cation exchanger resin) chromatography column and eluted with the same buffer. What is their order of elution? How would you elute bound proteins from this type of resin? Explain your answer.Explain the theory behind gel filtration chromatography.In a mixture of five proteins listed, draw an elution profile (Absorbance vs. mL eluted, arbitrary) for the purification of the listed proteins on a gel filtration chromatography resin: Cytochrome c (Mr = 13,000), Immunoglobulin G (Mr = 145,000), Ribonuclease A (Mr = 13,700), RNA polymerase (Mr = 450,000), Serum albumin (Mr = 68,500). Label your elution peaks.Draw a sketch of an SDS-PAGE, reflecting the mobility of the above mixture as they elute from the column. Label you protein bands.A peptide was found to have a molecular mass of about 550 and upon hydrolysis produced Ala, Asp, Cys, Lys and Phe in a 1:1:1:1:1 ration. The peptide upon treatment with Sanger’s reagent (FDNB) produced DNP-Cys and upon exposure to carboxypeptidase produced aspartate residue. Chymotrypsin treatment of the above peptide produced a dipeptide that contained sulfur and had a UV absorbance, and a tripeptide. Exposure of the original peptide to trypsin produced a dipeptide and a tripeptide. Deduce the sequence of the peptide analyzed. Explain in detail the rationale behind your answer.

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[ORDER SOLUTION] Protein Purification

Write a five-page minimum comprehensive review/summary of the protein purification article. Discuss the biological role of the protein; describe protein purification and its characterization as described by the authors. Do not use bullets or numbers. Make your review flow and be summarizing and comprehensive. Write in complete sentences using scientific terms and language.Follow directions: five-page minimum, double-spaced, Serif Fond 12 (Times New Roman, etc.), 1-inch margins, include appropriate references in a journal article style format. Do not waste space by filling out course credentials; use header to include your name, etc. – Five full pages of review is required

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[ORDER SOLUTION] New Facility Construction

nInstructionsWeek 8 Assignment | Final Project – New Facility Construction/RenovationYou will be required to develop a final project for this course. Your Topic – Create a presentation where you are an executive of a sports franchise and want your chosen city to assist you with either building or renovating your stadium/arena. The specifications are as follows:Project submitted as a Microsoft PowerPoint file (not a PDF).Suggested length of the assignment is 10-15 slides, (title slide, table of contents, and Reference slide not included in slide count). Include an introduction and conclusion. Use at least two references from the Lessons readings (you should use resources from our online library or simply online as this will help you for this project).References must also be cited on-slides where used.Your project must be in your own words, representing original work. Paraphrases of others work must include attributions or citations to the authors. Limit quotations to an average of no more than 3-5 lines, and use please quotations sparingly!The final project is due during Week 7 and is worth 20 points toward your final grade.Explain how assistance from the city would benefit the: Local economy; city tax revenue; thefacility’s standing in the league; and city identity.Feel free to add photos, logos, tables, graphs, any other relevant concepts and lastly;Have fun with this project, please be creative.

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[ORDER SOLUTION] Management and Leadership Trends

Now that we have an understanding of the style of leadership and management you want to utilize, let’s dive into trends that will work for you.  Please follow ALL the directions.  Write a 3-5 page essay and include the following:Research and discuss two (2) General Management/Leadership trends that are currently going on globally.Research and discuss two (2) Specific Management/Leadership trends for Recreational Therapy (needs to be different than the two above)How will these global and industry trends help you in future crisis management situations?Research two management and two leadership trends that are going on globally.  Meaning use the internet, magazines, newspapers, industry journals, etc to determine what is trending in these areas in 2021.  Then research two industry leadership and or management trends in the field that you are interested in. Examples -Globally – working remotely is a trend that will continue for many companies. Then expound on it.RTE Industry & Hospitality – New roles for staff.  Technology check-ins online instead of with front desk staff.  Routine mundane tasks going to robots, like room service and employees more focused on personalized services vs rote tasks.(Do not use the examples in your trends.)  Make sure you expound on each.  I am not just looking for a list.  Remember your papers are 3-5 pages.Your research must include utilizing, citing, and listing two resources outside of the text. 

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[ORDER SOLUTION] The Impact of Funding Sources

Community ResourcesResearch a selected local, national, or global nonprofit organization or government agency from the list provided. Determine how the organization or agency contributes to public health and safety improvements, promotes equal opportunity, and improves the quality of life within the community. Submit your findings in a 3–5 page report.Choose the organization or agency you are most interested in researching:American Red Cross.Habitat for Humanity.United WayDoctors Without Borders.The Salvation Army.United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF).Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).Centers for Disease Control andPrevention (CDC).National Center for Transgender Equality.National Resource Center on LGBT Aging.Advocacy & Services for LGBT Elders.Equal Justice Initiative.National Alliance to End Homelessness.Urban Triage.World Health Organization.The Arc: For People With Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities.Alliance for Retired AmericansFutures Without Violence.Blue Campaign: What Is Human Trafficking?Covenant House.Cultural Survival.Cite at least three credible sources from peer-reviewed journals or professional industry publications published within the past 5 years that support your research findings.Graded RequirementsThe research requirements, outlined below, correspond to the grading criteria in the assessment scoring guide, so be sure to address each point.Explain how the organization’s mission and vision enable it to contribute to public health and safety improvements. Include examples of ways a local and/or global initiative supports organizational mission and vision and promotes public health and safety.Evaluate an organization’s ability to promote equal opportunity and improve the quality of life in the community. Consider the effects of social, cultural, economic, and physical barriers.Assess the impact of funding sources, policy, and legislation on the organization’s provision of services.Consider the potential implications of funding decisions, policy, and legislation for individuals, families, and aggregates within the community.Explain how an organization’s work impacts the health and/or safety needs of a local community.Consider how nurses might become involved with the organization.Organize content so ideas flow logically with smooth transitions; contains few errors in grammar/punctuation, word choice, and spelling.Apply APA formatting to in-text citations and references exhibiting nearly flawless adherence to APA format.Write with a specific purpose and audience in mind.Adhere to scholarly and disciplinary writing standards and APA formatting requirements.

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[ORDER SOLUTION] Maintaining Physical and Mental Health

For this case study, read chapter 12 in your text on emotional intelligence.  This case study will require you to enhance your emotional intelligence (EI).1. Then provide a 2-3 page paper that covers the following areas:State why you picked the 3 principles from Part I that you did to enhance your EI. The three picks are:1. Seek Feedback2.Manage your emotions3. Maintain Physical and Mental Health2. Explain how you practiced the 3 principles (i.e. what did you do? How did you incorporate it into your daily routine? Who were involved, etc.)3. Explain the situation, the outcome and your overall opinion about this exercise on developing your EQ.All case studies must use the following guidelines:1. Have a cover page with the individual’s name, title of assignment, and due date of assignment2. Typed, using 12-point font, Times New Roman3. Double spaced with 1” margins all aroundPage numbers in the top right corner of all pages except cover page.4. Use an APA format for citations and references.5. Make sure you give proper credit to the sources you are using.6. Plagiarism will NOT be tolerated.7. Have a list of references in correct format at the end of the paperBe error free – make sure you do a spell-check/grammar-check before submitting!

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[ORDER SOLUTION] Maternal Child Health 

Directions: Carefully read the journal article provided for your midterm examination. Prepare a three (3) to five (5) page paper using the synopsis document format below. The cover page, references, and appendices are not counted in the number of pages. Use APA style for citations and references, with 12-point font and 1” margins. Line spacing should be 1.5. The point value for each section is in parentheses. Five (5) points will be deducted for having a Turn-It In value of more than 40%. In addition, late submissions will be deducted five (5) points each day.? Summary of the Article -use appropriate references and resources to introduce the MCH issue (20 points)? Statement/Significance of the MCH Problem– Why is this issue important? What target population does this problem effect? (20 points)? Discussion- in your own words, briefly discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the study. (25 points)? Policy Recommendations/Improvements in the MCH Issue- this may include existing evidence-based programs found in the literature (25 points)? References/Appendices – (10 points)

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[ORDER SOLUTION] The Elephant in the Room

What is the obvious problem that is being overlooked with respect to diet that Pollan discusses the second session of Part 2 titled “The Elephant in the Room”?Do the issues presented in part 2 of IDF affect your life? How so—directly,on a daily basis, or more generally? Now or sometime in the future?What evidence does the author use to support the book’s ideas? Is the evidence convincing…definitive or…speculative? Does the author depend on personal opinion, observation, and assessment? Or is the evidence factual—based on science, statistics, historical documents, or quotations from (credible) experts?What kind of language does the author use? Is it objective and dispassionate? Or passionate and earnest? Is it biased, inflammatory, sarcastic? Does the language help or undercut the author’s premise?What are the implications for the future? Are there long- or short-term consequences to the issues raised in the book? Are they positive or negative…affirming or frightening?Talk about specific passagesthat struck you as significant—or interesting, profound, amusing, illuminating, disturbing, sad…? What was memorable?

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