[ORDER SOLUTION] Stress and Self care

Essay Topic:  Integrating the ideas from the reference sources on stress and self-care below.  Identify your relationship with stress and develop a personal self-care plan that includes key strategies you will implement to support your own well-being.? Answer the question completely: Make sure to both identify your relationship with stress and to map out a plan to manage that stress. Avoid merely summarizing the sources, and instead integrateinformation from the different sources to answer the question.?    Audience: Write for a reader who may not know about this topic and who has not read the sources you have used?Support: Use evidence from provided resources to support your thesis, including 1)The Stress Reset filmhttps://takecare.org/inspiration/stress-reset/  )2) The Walker & Mann (2016) article on Mindfulness (PDF IN FILES)3) the Markle (2020) article on supporting your mental health. (https://greatergood.berkeley.edu/article/item/four_things_to_do_every_day_for_your_mental_health )? Thesis statement: Develop a thesis statement that proposes a plan for managing your personal stress at this time.

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[ORDER SOLUTION] Policy Briefing on Tuberculosis

Describe the process you have gone through in creating your policy briefing book  on Tuberculosis.-What have been the most interesting aspects of this project?-What have been the challenges you have faced?-What would you have done differently knowing what you know now?-Knowing what you know now about the issue and potential solutions that you have written about,-what are you going to do to be a Change Agent in this issue now?

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[ORDER SOLUTION] Community Health Needs

Please be sure to review the related course materials prior to starting this assignment. Each person will select an actual community health needs assessment (CHNA), published by a hospital, to complete this assignment. A list is provided below, but you may also research and select a hospital not included on the list. Read through the document and create a report of 500-750 words describing your findings. The following points are presented to guide your report.How did the hospital define the community served? Do you have any thoughts on their definition? Is it reasonable? Can you think of alternative methods?How did the hospital assess the health needs of the community served? What sources of data? What indicators? Was there a comparison? Do you think they were comprehensive enough? What methods were used?How did the hospital solicit input from persons in the community? Did they have special knowledge or expertise in public healthDid they use a survey? Focus groups? Both? Do you think their methodology was valid? Representative? Comprehensive?How did the hospital prioritize health needs? Was this methodology reasonable? Do you agree with the conclusions?Did the hospital identify potential measures and resources to address the needs?

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[ORDER SOLUTION] The Usefulness and Limitation of Metrics

The usefulness and limitation of metricsConsider the metrics available to measure your health challenge, and the impact of an associated intervention. Write a reflection on the usefulness and limitations of metrics, including a discussion of at least one social theory, in which you address the following questions:•    Consider the need of metrics and what the metrics inform. In other words, what purpose do themetrics serve?•    Are there metrics available to reflect the impact of your intervention?•    If so, what are they? And what are their limitations? If not, what challenges does this raise?•    Are there any additional considerations with regards to the use of metrics with your health challenge?400 words in word file please

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[ORDER SOLUTION] Family History Risk Factor

Designate a proband for the pedigree with a disease or condition of interest. (high blood pressure/hypertensionWrite a summary (550-800words) of your findings that includes the following: (a) Discuss of the heredity patterns discovered; (b) Evaluate the risk of transmission to other/new family members; and (c) Propose the feasibility of using this tool in your own practice.Apa 7Minimum of 2 references with in text citationInformation:Both parents African American with medicine controlled high blood pressure. Mother is 62 years of age and average weight moderately active. Father is 70 years of age and overweight not active. Both parents are of West Indian backgrounds. I am 31 years old healthy with no medical issues. Moderately active and I do eat fast food often. I have a two-year-old daughter.Rubric is attached. In addition to introduction and conclusion each content topic must be a heading for each paragraph.

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[ORDER SOLUTION] Interdisciplinary Plan Proposal

CRITERIA 1Describe an objective and predictions for an evidence-based interdisciplinary plan to achieve a specific goal related to improving patient or organizational outcomes.COMPETENCYDescribe ways to incorporate evidence-based practice within an interdisciplinary team.COMMENTS:I did not see this area of the scoring guide addressed in the assignment. I recommend always keeping your scoring guide rubric close by as you complete your assignments so that no criterion will be overlooked.CRITERIA 2Explain a change theory and a leadership strategy, supported by relevant evidence, that is most likely to help an interdisciplinary team succeed in collaborating and implementing, or creating buy-in for, the project plan.COMPETENCYExplain how change management theories and leadership strategies can enable interdisciplinary teams to achieve specific organizational goals.COMMENTS:I did not see this area of the scoring guide addressed in the assignment. I recommend always keeping your scoring guide rubric close by as you complete your assignments so that no criterion will be overlooked. Missing is the Change Theory.CRITERIA 3Explain the collaboration needed by an interdisciplinary team to improve the likelihood of achieving the plan’s objective, including bestpractices of interdisciplinary collaboration from the literature.COMPETENCYExplain how interdisciplinary collaboration can be used to achieve desired patient and systems outcomes.COMMENTS:: This section was unclear. I like that you explained collaboration, but I did not find a discussion of collaboration in terms of an interdisciplinary team. I also did not find a full enough discussion of best practices of interdisciplinary collaboration, supported by citations. This is needed for a higher performance score. What does the literature say? Are there real-world examples that you could share?CRITERIA 4Explain organizational resources, including a financial budget, needed for the plan to succeed and the impacts on those resources if nothing is done to make the improvements sought by the plan.COMPETENCYExplain strategies for managing human and financial resources to promote organizational health.COMMENTS:I am glad that you began to discuss a few resources needed for your plan to succeed. I did not find a clear financial budget, or a full discussion, supported by citations, about how your resources will be affected if the improvements you planned for, do not happen. This is needed for a higher performance score. Real-world examples are also needed for a distinguished score.CRITERIA 5Organize content so ideas flow logically with smooth transitions; contains few errors in grammar/punctuation, word choice, and spelling.COMPETENCYApply professional, scholarly, evidence-based communication strategies to impact patient, interdisciplinary team, and systems outcomes.COMMENTS:: I like that your writing was logical. Much of your paper was unclear and hard to follow due to somegrammar, spelling or punctuation errors.CRITERIA 6Apply APA formatting to in-text citations and references, exhibiting nearly flawless adherence to APA format.COMPETENCYApply professional, scholarly, evidence-based communication strategies to impact patient, interdisciplinary team, and systems outcomes.commentsI like that your APA formatting was nearly flawless. There were a few APA inconsistencies.

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[ORDER SOLUTION] Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Week 7 Case Study: Carbon Monoxide PoisoningRequired ResourcesRead/review the following resources for this activity:TextbookWeekly ConceptsMinimum of 1 scholarly sourceScenario/Summarycabin with mountains in the backgroundAdam and his family decided to take a trip to the mountains for the weekend in late February. They had a small cabin and looked forward to a weekend away from the big city. The family had a wonderful time together on Saturday morning hiking in the woods and enjoying nature. However, Saturday afternoon a storm rolled in bringing snow and subfreezing temperatures.Since the heater in the cabin wasn’t working well, Adam’s mother and sister decided to drive into the nearest town to spend the night. Adam and his father, not being sissies, stayed at the cabin where they started a gas heater to keep them warm.The next morning Adam’s mother and sister returned to find both Adam and his father unconscious. An ambulance was called and they were both transported to the nearest hospital. Adam had arterial blood gases drawn with the following results:pH 7.2PaCO2 31.4,PaO2 40.7 mmHgHis oxygen saturation was 72%. Adam was diagnosed with carbon monoxide poisoning.DeliverablesAnswer the following questions and save your responses in a Microsoft Word document. Provide a scholarly resource to support your answers.With respect to hemoglobin loading, please explain the relationship between binding of oxygen (O2) and carbon monoxide (CO) to the hemoglobin molecules.During the ambulance ride, a pulse oximeter showed 100% O2 saturation. Why is that different from the 72% measured at the hospital?One course of treatment is a hyperbaric oxygen treatment. How does a hyperbaric chamber work?Adams blood work shows him to be in an acidosis (normal blood pH is 7.35-7.45). Explain how this will shift the hemoglobin dissociation curve and why.Submit your case study document.Required SoftwareMicrosoft Office: WordGradingThis activity will be graded based on the Case Study grading rubric. You can view the rubric below.Course Outcomes (CO): 5Due Date: By 11:59 p.m. MT on Sunday of Week 7

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[ORDER SOLUTION] Geriatric Courses

Instructions:Read the following scenario and answer the questions below.Apply what you have learned during this Geriatric course. Be as honest as possible. Your answers will not be shared.Your paper should be 1-2 pages in length.Due to the reflective nature of the assignment, APA is not required.Scenario:You are driving on a one-lane road to school for your 2:00 pm class, and the two vehicles in front of you are driving at a speed of about 20-25 miles/hour. The speed limit is 45 miles/hour. You notice that both cars are being driven by older individuals.Questions:Are you angry or annoyed that these cars are being driven so slow? And Why?Do you wish that the cars were off the road? And Why?How do you feel about driving fast past them? And Why?Would you honk your horn as you pass the cars? Why?Reflect on how your answers have changed from the beginning to the end of this course.

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[ORDER SOLUTION] Office Management Challenges

Office Management ChallengesAssume the role of a medical office manager. Your job duties include managing the clinic’s revenue cycle, specifically by overseeing coding and billing personnel and processes. Answer the following questions, in bullet point format:Summarize your greatest challenge in this role, as it relates to managing coding and billing services.What action will you take to overcome this challenge?What resources will you utilize to achieve this? (resources may include technology, personnel, continuing education, etc.)To obtain satisfactory completion of the discussion, your initial post must address each component of the discussion board question by Wednesday at 11:59 PM Central Time.Please be sure to validate your opinions and ideas with citations and references in APA format.answer this questionReflect back on your journey through this course and answer the following:What was the most valuable thing you learned in this course?What aspects of coding and billing do you find most challenging, and how will you strengthen those areas as a health care professional?

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[ORDER SOLUTION] The Covid Vaccine

Should Employers require their employees to take the Covid Vaccine?”  Please complete a 2 page essay on this subject,  You must use one legitimate reference for your opinion ( not Glamour magazine, or People).  Please include a proper reference page with the Essay

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