PBHL20002 Assignment 4

I’m trying to study for my Health & Medical course and I need some help to understand this question. PBHL20002 Assignment 4 Word Limit : 1500 words need 5 pages double spaced My topic is: Disease transmission on public transport . referencing in Harvard style What is Photovoice? Photovoice is a communications technique originally developed […]

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[SOLVED] Comprehensive Well-Woman Exam

For a wide variety of medical conditions, early detection of the problem enables timely and more effective treatment. Annual well-woman exams are among the best tools available for health care professionals to identify potential diseases and medical conditions in women. Advanced nurse practitioners can play an active role in these important visits. This role can […]

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[Get Solution]Health Care Problem

Describe the health care problem or issue you selected for use in Assessment 2 (from the Assessment Topic Areas | Transcript media piece) and provide details about it.         So much stress and so little time? We’ve got you covered. Get your paper proofread, edited or written from scratch within the tight […]

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[Get Solution]Strategic Audit Project

Complete the previous individual assignments associated with this project (i.e., Part 1: Strategic Audit Project, Part 2: Strategic Audit Project, and Part 3: Strategic Audit Project). Using the information you gathered from your organization and healthcare professional, identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats to your organization. Write a 2 page paper that identifies the strengths of, weaknesses […]

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[Get Solution]Dental Hygiene

A well-written 300-500 words essay about how you would contribute to the health of society by becoming a dental hygienist. -briefly include working with special needs dental care -the rest must be competent         So much stress and so little time? We’ve got you covered. Get your paper proofread, edited or written […]

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[Get Solution]Health Information Management

Class HSA3191 Health Care Automation and Technology Textbook is: Todays Health Information Management: An integrated approach 2nd edition by Dana C. McWay JD, RHIA  Chapter 9 Assignment – Description 1. Please define and articulate the distinction between an epidemic and a pandemic. [2 points] 2. Please research and describe the Ebola outbreak that occurred from 2014 […]

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[Get Solution]Information On Covid 19

Please describe the importance of staying socially connected during this age of COVID. What are some successful strategies to stay connected? 200-300 words         So much stress and so little time? We’ve got you covered. Get your paper proofread, edited or written from scratch within the tight deadline.

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[ORDER SOLUTION] The Five P’s of Healthcare

For this discussion, you will reflect on what you have learned in this course about the Five Ps of healthcare marketing (physicians, patients, payers, the public, and politics) and discuss how you are applying specific elements of two of the Five Ps to your final healthcare marketing and communication plan.To begin, review the module resources and reflect on all that you have learned about the Five Ps of healthcare marketing in this course. Refer to the marketing strategies you learned about in Module Four (Physicians and Patients) and in Module Five (Payers and the Public) as well as the healthcare marketing strategies related to a consideration of Politics from this module.Next, in your initial post, address the following:Briefly describe your proposed service for Bellevue Hospital.Select two of the Five Ps and explain how the specific elements apply to your final healthcare marketing and communication plan.Resources:1. Sampling Marketing Campaignshttps://www.cdc.gov/healthcommunication/campaigns/index.html2. Political Divide: Healthcarehttps://news.vanderbilt.edu/2012/04/10/health-care-politics/3. Politics of Healthcare Marketinghttps://smithandjones.com/resources/blog/the-politics-of-healthcare-marketing/

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[ORDER SOLUTION] Prescription Drug Overdose

Choose a topic from the following list of current emerging issues:Air pollution in developing countriesGlobal pandemicsWater scarcity due to climate changeAntibiotic resistancePrescription drug overdoseVector-borne disease distribution due to climate changeEmerging diseasesFood insecurityUsing the Library, find at least three peer-reviewed articles on your chosen topic to support your analysis. Make sure the articles have been published within the last 5 years.After critically reading and reviewing the scholarly papers you selected, write a cohesive paper in which you address the following:Provide a background of the topic you chose.Explain the magnitude of the issue.Summarize the information in the peer-reviewed articles.Compare and contrast the articles.Describe the projected future trends in the topic area.Explain what public health efforts/initiatives are needed to address the issue.Describe the ethical issues to be considered in addressing the issue.Your paper should reflect the skills you have gained through this course, including:Engaging in critical analysisWriting in a scholarly voiceCiting references using proper APA formatIncluding a title page at the beginning and a reference list at the end of the paper (these are not counted in the page length)

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[ORDER SOLUTION] Evidence-Based Public Health

Write a post in which you explain what evidence-based public health (EBPH) practice is. Your post should address the following prompts:What is evidence-based public health (EBPH) practice?Why is it important to use evidence for decision making in public health?How do different types of evidence impact decision making in public health? Cite examples from the articles you read.What are some of the challenges or barriers to evidence-based practice in public health?Include citations and references, as appropriate, using APA format.referenceReferenceCallahan, K. M. & Stuart, E. A. (2018). Bringing evidence to bear on public health in the United States. PublicHealth Reports, 133, 20S–23S.

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